Getting Access Manager Event Code 300101014, 300101015, and/or Time Drifting While Using VMware ESX Server

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  • 27-Jan-2009
  • 02-May-2013


Novell Access Manager 3


Getting event code 300101014 or 300101015 when attempting to authenticate to a protected resource.


Set up of NTP and cron jobs, on your LAG(s) and Identity Server(s).

Set up NTP on your LAG within Access Manager's Admin Console.
Set up NTP on your Identity Server using YaST.
(use the same NTP server)

Insert one line or the other of the following lines to the /etc/crontab file...
...depending on whether it is for a LAG or Identity Server:

If configuring for LAG, insert the following line only.
*/5 * * * * root rcxntpd restart
If configuring for Identity Server, insert the following line only.
*/5 * * * * root rcntp restart

Note: For SLES 11 and 11 SP1 use the following line only for both LAG and Identity Server /etc/crontab files.
*/5 * * * * root rcntp restart

Restart cron with /etc/init.d/cron restart.  This will cause the 'rcntp restart' command to be run every 5 minutes, and it will persist through reboots, unlike the watch command. 

To verify it is working, use tail -f /var/log/messages and watch for something like this:

Oct 29 16:38:46 user15 /usr/sbin/cron[2601]: (CRON) STARTUP (V5.0)
Oct 29 16:40:01 user15 /usr/sbin/cron[2611]: (root) CMD (rcntp restart)
Oct 29 16:40:01 user15 ntpd[2655]: ntpd 4.2.4p6@1.1549-o Mon Feb 23 19:40:27

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