Context not updated properly when installing User Application patch 351V and 351W

  • 7002452
  • 26-Jan-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager User Application 3.5.1


If you use a context for your IDM.war other than the default value of IDM, when
installing patch V or W in a non-provisioning version, the context does not get
updated properly. The patch installs correctly without error, however when
restarting your JBoss server you will recieve the following error:
ERROR:"[com.sssw.portal.servlet.EboPortalBootServlet:init] +++++WARNING!!!!: This portal application context, IDM, does not match the portal.context property set in the PortalService-conf/config.xml file. Only one portal per database is allowed. Data has been loaded using the previous portal context. To correct this you must revert back to the previous portal name of, Bobtest, please consult the documentation."


This was found to be a bug within the patch installer for the User Application 3.5.1 that only occurs when using the non-provising version of the IDM.war. Please contact IDM Technical Support to obtain a updated version of the patch installer for the UserApplication 3.5.1.  


Reported to Engineering