Enabling srvprvHideUser causes the Requests & Approvals area to not load

  • 7002450
  • 26-Jan-2009
  • 29-Apr-2013


Novell Identity Manager User Application 3.5.1
Novell Identity Manager User Application 3.6
Novell Identity Manager User Application 3.6.1


If the srvprvHideUser attribute set to TRUE on a user, when the user logs in to the User Application and Access the Requests & Approvals Area you will see the following message in the Browser:

"Provisioning application error:
 Get Task List
 Error Message:
 Provisioning application error:
 If the problem persists, copy the error message and error log below and send to your system administrator."


This problem has been identified as bug with the User Application versions 3.5.1,
User Application 3.6 and User Application 3.6.1. For additional information regarding a field patch for this behavior please contact IDM UserApplication Technical Support.  


Reported to Engineering