Sentinel Control Center does not load or hangs on login - Not Responding

  • 7002446
  • 26-Jan-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Sentinel 6.x


Control Center hangs on login (Windows - "Not Responding")

Windows XP, after launching Control Center, the login window shows. After entering a userid/password, Control Center often (70-80% of the time) hangs.  Windows Task Manager will show the application as "Not Responding".  Sometimes, the secondary window will begin to display, but may hang as well.

Inspecting das_proxy logs on the server and control_center logs on the client machine do not indicate a problem.

Sentinel Control Center machine is using a nVidia GeForce video card.


Sentinel Control Center machine is using an nVidia GeForce card with an older driver running it. There are instances on the 'net where people are finding that the Java2D-based programs are blue-screening Windows.

There are three settings you can set (environment variables) in an attempt to alleviate the problem. They are, in ascending order of evasiveness (try the top one first):

(1) Tell Java not to use Direct3D
_JAVA_OPTIONS -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false

(2) Tell Java not to use DirectDraw off screen drawing
_JAVA_OPTIONS -Dsun.java2d.ddoffscreen=false

(3) Tell Java not to use DirectDraw at all
_JAVA_OPTIONS -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true

Set these up using Control Panel > System > Advanced tab > Environment Variables button. If you want to test them for yourself (instead of affecting the entire system and any user) use the top box (User variables). Customer used the bottom box to make it affect all users."_JAVA_OPTIONS" is the name of the variable.

Customer used #2 option, above to resolve.

Note: This setting will affect all Java programs running on that machine. Also, check to see if an updated video driver will fix the problem.