Printer redirection fails from print manager running on OES1 server

  • 7002384
  • 15-Jan-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


OES1 Linux
NetWare 6.5 sp7
iManger 2.7


Tree contains print managers that run on NW6.5sp7 server, OES2 server, OES1 (Linux) server.
Printer redirection can be configured through iManager 2.7 running on the OES2 server.
Redirection works all around EXCEPT when redirecting printer agents associated with the manager running on OES1. 

Steps to reproduce:
1.  Launch iManger2.7, point it to the OES1 server.
2.  In the iPrint plugin, select the manager and go to the Printer Redirection tab
3.  Select a printer and enter a url for redirection.
4.  Close and relaunch iManager
5.  The url previously entered will no longer be there.  The redirection box will be blank.


Upgrade OES1 server to OES2.

Printer redirection became available with NW6.5 sp7, which released at roughly the same time as OES2.  This feature was never made available in OES1.