IDM Lotus Notes Driver failing Mailbox Replication with an Error 4000

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  • 15-Jan-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.6.0
Novell Identity Manager 3.5.1
Novell Identity Manager Driver - Lotus Notes


The Novell Identity Manager Lotus Notes driver will fail when trying to do a mailbox replication at the same time it is creating the user.  The error is
setNotesDBReplication: exception issuing AdminP request to perform replication for database mail\<name of mailbox>.nsf. ID = 4000. Message: Notes error: File does not exist


This can be caused by the delay in the user getting created on the Notes server because of the need for Notes to certify the user during creation or by general timing issues.
There are 2 possible solutions to this issue.
The first one to try is listed below.
If the 'Create MailFile in background via AdminP' GCV is set to true and the 'Create MailFile Replica in background via AdminP' GCV is set to false, then when the driver attempts to create the mailfile replica, it will not be able to do so because the mailfile does not exist yet (as the AdminP 'Create Mailfile' task hasn't been processed by AdminP yet).
If the 'Create MailFile in background via AdminP' GCV is set to true, and you want the driver to also create a mailfile replica for the new user, then you should also set the 'Create MailFile Replica in background via AdminP' GCV to true.
The custom driver parameters related to these GCVs that toggle the background creation of the mailfiles and replicas are 'mailfile-adminp-create' and 'mailfile-rep-background'.
The default driver has a rule (Add User E-Mail: Mail File Replication Settings) in the creation policy (sub-cp-AddAccountNotesOptions) that tries to account for the various settings of these potentially conflicting custom parameters.
Second solution:
Rather than doing the replication at the same time the user is created, do it during a modify.  To do this, you must set up a rule to look for a success on the publisher channel that will trigger an unused attribute on the user getting set to some value.  Then you must set up an additional driver, such as a loopback driver, that will look for the value you just set via the Notes driver and then kick off a modify of some value that will be picked up by the Notes driver and sent over as a modify with a policy that will then kick of the mailbox replication.
Implimenting this second solution involves a great deal of customization and is outside the limits of what Novell support can provide.
One other action that some customers have done is to change the adminp process to only kick off in the evening so that any users created that day will have had time to finish the creation an certification process.
An enhancement request has been entered to have the driver be able to handle this situation without these workarounds.

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