How to repopulate the Shared Address book or Shared Folder without un-sharing and sharing

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How to repopulate the Shared Address book without un-sharing and sharing the Address Book
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The prime user database is created when sharing from one post office to another. On the same post office, users will have access to the shared information directly. When sharing across post offices, a prime user database for the owner will be created for the sharee's post office.

There are many ways to troubleshoot this but if the objective is to repopulate the Address Book or the folder without un-sharing and sharing it again, please follow the steps listed below
  1. Browse to the sharee's Post Office Directory and find the Prime User Database that belongs to the owner in question. Follow the steps in the following link to find the owner of the Prime User Database.
    If there are a lot of Prime User Databases in the Post Office Directory, following the above TID may be cumbersome. If that is the case, it is better to follow the steps listed below:
    • Launch ConsoleOne and connect to the GroupWise Domain.
    • Right Click on the Post Office object and select GroupWise Utilities | Mailbox/Library Maintenance.
    • Under Action, make sure Analyze/Fix Databases is selected.
    • Uncheck all other options and check Contents.
    • Make sure only User is selected in the Databases tab.
    • Type the userid of the user who should receive the GWCHECK Log file in the Results tab.
    • Click Run.
    • Wait for the GWCHECK to complete and then login to the user account and check the GWCHECK Log file. Search for the phrase "Prime Database originated by UserIdInQuestion".
  2. Once the Prime User Database has been identified, shut down the POA.
  3. Rename the Prime User Database from PUxxxxxx.db to PUxxxxxx.old.
  4. Start the POA.
  5. Once the sharee accesses the Address Book, the Prime User Database will get re-created and Shared Address Book will start populating. Once the sharee accesses the Shared Folder, the Prime User Database will get re-created and the folder will start populating. It may take some time if the Shared Address Book or the Shared Folder is huge.

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