Issues addressed by nw65sp8

  • 7002362
  • 13-Jan-2009
  • 08-Nov-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 8


Issues address by nw65sp8


91510    enhancement request: increase TCP window size registered by NCPIP for possible performance improvement
196954    Apache2 doesn't release all resources from Apache web server and Log rotation utility as it restartes.  
214371    iPrint AllowAutoUpdate should automatical choose nipp-s.exe if option "2" is selected.  
227666    Abend in Gwinter process  
229926    Unable to upload HP universal print driver to broker via iManager  
257948    Apple WebDAV Doesn't Upload to NetStorage  
259772    server-generated directory listings encoded with IBM850 instead of ISO-8859-1  
260382    SCRSAVER - req for emergency password stored locally in an ecrypted file  
263926    NWTape will not load for certain critical tape drives  
281171    NISSERV object types are STILL not "managed" by real, polished screens... leaving it to the generic/un-managed "Other" tab  
289343    Search tool does not specify the initial volume correctly when a volume besides SYS is selected.  
290610    LIST STORAGE DEVICE BINDINGS fails when MM Multi-pathing is enabled  
291553    MM Hangs in MPIO  
296196    iScsi Initiator hangs for 2 min and runs for 5 with 8 clients file/io with build.723 of SP7  
298887    NFS Export (Virtualized NW) not setup for OES-Cypress NFS Client configuration success  
300770    Remove the Supported-OS restriction from the iManager 2.7 NCS plug-in manifest file  
308178    Tomcat manager Pages needs to be localized  
308879    Test Case 379649 - [Code] Name length check  
329631    Delete is default action in NRM file inventory and deletes system files as well  
330143    NCS: Cluster scan for new devices is about twice as slow as in older versions of NCS  
330770    Synchronize dropped folders does not delete files/directories on the target which are set to "delete" or "rename" inhibit.  
334762    SP7: /welcome/webmanager.html was not found  
335295    Incorrect version of SDIDIAG.NLM in NetWare 6.5 SP7  
337546    Can't read master ip address from edirectory  
338261    NetWare 6.5 DNS: -649 error trying to load zone from eDirectory  
340268    netnlm32.nlm can not be loaded in protected memory.  
340439    NSS issue. ABEND due to link list problem in COMN.NSS|NAME_CheckCacheAscii  
342393    Potential XSS Security Vulnerability in Apache  
344233    Tomcat4 not working as a standalone server  
344866    Creation of Management Context fails on a server with a traditional SYS volume  
345662    Openwbem causing latency on netware servers  
347402    Server Abend in WS2_32  
347871    NDPS Manager database grows to 200 meg  
349620    iPrint client does not appear to initialize if their is a local printer installed
351033    Potential Security Vulnerability with Apache CVE-2007-1860  
351174    Security vulnerability in iPrint Client  
353738    two Posix functions related to memory reports a wrong value - reporting identical values tho fetched differently  
354350    Ricoh printer can not print out via LPR using NW65SP7  
355087    DFS rebuild log shows message : [Pre-NetWare 6 server - ignoring] for 6.5 Sp7 server with 882  
355455    Text search not working correctly if Search Subdiretories is selected  
359121    NSSMU No partitions are displayed for a RAID device under "Devices" section.  
359275    security vulnerability in tcp persist timer - VU#943657  
360620    Abends multiple servers going down everyday. Poss cios memory corruption  
362268    Coredump 100% utilization in NDPSM  
363270    SCP.NLM leaves screen open with "Press ESC to close" 
364108    NoRM needs to display the files with the long name space filename  
367513    NoRM Salvage needs pair of columns. "Time Deleted" and "Date Deleted" 
367516    NoRM Salvage needs columns need to be sortable.  
369998    SMSLS.NLM does not auto-terminate, and ends with <Press any key to exit>  
370663    Abend in iPrint  
372003    iPrint 5.x Client : driver installation by users without Administrator right  
372374    LPR2NDPS cancels printjob if userID contains extended characters  
374011    After applying mac security update 2008-002 users are unable to install printers  
374319    upgrade Apache from 2.0.61 to 2.0.63 on NetWare for security updates  
374322    update mod_jk to 1.2.23 so it will include security fixes  
374325    upgrade tomcat to 4.1.37 for security fixes  
374552    New Pool : Select device and space box not showing complete number  
375676    Directory Create events are not logged  
376207    Stub only restore of Stub+Data files not working  
376267    cannot get the whole LIST of files in directory when filename includes Unicode characters  
382299    iscsinit connect hangs system console under certain conditions  
383170    Case sensitivity issues when creating DFS Management Contexts  
383758    SR #10393843581  
384484    Potential XSS Security Vulnerability with Apache 2.0.59 on NW6.5 
384681    iPrint reports haven't been updated with ability to gather mac and vista specific info  
385403    Potential Security Vulnerability with Apache on NetWare 6.5  
389203    NWSMListTargetService takes a long time in an isolated network  
389521    Abend - looks like NDPSGW  
389908    Abend in NDPSGW  
392680    Abend in RMANSRVR.NLM version 3.06.01February 12, 2007  
396835    Potential XSS vulnerability in examples sendmailm.jsp file  
397563    CVE-2007-5461 Potential Security Vulnerability with Tomcat on NetWare 6.5  
401550    Secunia SA30667: 1. Boundary error in ienipp.ocx when handling the "GetDriverFile()" method.  
401551    Secunia SA30667: 2. boundary errors in ienipp.ocx "GetPrinterURLList()" and "GetPrinterURLList2()" 
401552    Secunia SA30667: 3. boundary error in ienipp.ocx when handling the "GetFileList()" method  
401555    Secunia SA30667: 5. Boundary errors in ienipp.ocx when using the "UploadPrinterDriver()" method  
404714    Secunia SA30667: 6. Boundary errors in ienipp.ocx when using the "UploadResourceToRMS()" method  
404716    Secunia SA30667: 7. Boundary errors in ienipp.ocx when handling the "UploadResource()" method  
404718    Secunia SA30667: 8. Three boundary errors in nipplib.dll within the "IppGetDriverSettings()" function.  
405765    Install hits an enterdebugger call in XenBlkAbort in xenblk.ham on build.701.  
407636    bind: spoofing made easier due to non-random UDP source port VU#800113 -- NetWare  
408039    Abend in LIBC.NLM|FreeFILEBuffer  
411625    CVE-2008-2432 - "GetFileList()" information disclosure (Secunia)  
415728    Lower Level VLDB database is empty  
417278    Summary: NW65SP8 Build# 812 (Vix):Load balancing & fault tolerance are not working on Netware vix.  
420199    Secunia - Buffer overflow in IppCreateServerRef()  
421228    CPU Hog in ZLSS.NSS|node_alloc_space  
425278    Potential Security Vulnerabilities in NetWare  
429141    VFS unable to copy TRUSTEEINFO.XML  
430809    nsscpt is missing from DVD  
444308    CPU Hog waiting for NSSMPK_spinlock that CIFS.NLM|FreeTcpCCBAndNBTSession sets