How to test LDAP over SSL with ConsoleOne

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How to test LDAP securely
Verfiy LDAP over port 636 is working
How to test LDAP over SSL


1. Export the Trusted Root certificate from ConsoleOne.
    a. Open the "LDAP Server" object and choose the "SSL Configuration" tab.
    b. Note the object listed in the SSL Certificate dialog box and open that object from ConsoleOne.
    c. Choose "Trusted Root Certificate" in the "Certificates" tab.
    d. Do not export the private key.
    e. Export the file in DER format; name it c:\RootCert.der.


1a. Export the Self Signed Certificate from ConsoleOne.
    a. Open CA object in O=Security
    b. Select Certificates -> Self Signed Certificate
    c. Do not export the private key.
    d. Export the file in DER format; name it c:\RootCert.der

2. Start the NDS Import/Export utility from the ConsoleOne Wizards menu
    a. Select 'Export LDIF File' and hit 'Next'
    b. Enter the DNS or IP address of your LDAP server
    c. Enter 636 for the port number
    d. Enter c:\RootCert.der for the der file
    e. Select 'Authenticated Login'
    f.  Enter the user name and password.  Hit 'Next'.
    g. Enter the Base DN.  Choose your top level organization object, e.g. o=novell .
    h. Select 'Base' for the scope.  Hit 'Next'.
    i. Enter c:\test.ldif for the Destination LDIF file.  Hit 'Next'.
    j. Click 'Finish' to start the test.

3. Verify the results.
    a. One entry should be returned - the top level organization object.
    b. Zero errors should be reported.
    c. Check that the organization object information is in the c:\test.ldif file.


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