Slproto /shutdown does not terminate SLWINSSO if AAVerify window is open.

  • 7002342
  • 09-Jan-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
DAS 2.0
XP Worksation
Novell Client for Windows XP,2000 v 4.91sp4
Novell Client for Windows XP,2000 v 4.91sp5


If  "SLProto /Shutdown" is launched while an AAVerify window is open, SLProto and SLBroker shutdown (as shown in Windows Task Manager) but SLWinsso is not.

Steps to duplciate:
Create a notepad or other script that calls AAVerify
Launch Script and allow AAVerify to fire
While AAVerify window is open, execute SLProto /Shutdown from the "run" line
Check Windows Task Manager - SLWINSSO will still be running


Use slproto /forceshutdown  in place of slproto /shutdown