Security vulnerability (Cross-site Request Forgery) with GroupWise WebAccess

  • 7002319
  • 07-Jan-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5x
Novell GroupWise 7.0
Novell GroupWise 7.01
Novell GroupWise 7.02x
Novell GroupWise 7.03
Novell GroupWise 7.03HP1a
Novell GroupWise GroupWise 8.0 (shipping 8.0 release only)


Novell GroupWise WebAccess is vulnerable to a Cross-Site Request Forgery attack, where an attacker could compromise a GroupWise account, through a user visiting a malicious web page or clicking on a link containing a forged HTTP request.

This vulnerability was discovered and reported by Adrian Pastor - ProCheckUp, Ltd (, CVE-2009-0272.


To resolve this issue:
For GroupWise 7.x systems, apply GroupWise 7.03 Hot Patch 2 (HP2) or later
For GroupWise 8.0 systems, apply GroupWise 8.0 Hot Patch 1 (HP1) or later
GroupWise 6.5x is End-of-Life.  GroupWise 6.5 systems will need to be upgraded to GroupWise 7.03 HP2 or 8.0 HP1


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