After moving a POA to a different server, GMS users can no longer connect.

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  • 06-Jan-2009
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server 2


After moving a post office agent (POA) from one server to a new server with a different ip address, GMS users are still attempting to connect to the old poa's ip address.


1. Verify that GMS authentication source is correct. Check the GroupWise Mobile Server Admin Console | Intellisync Mobile Suite | Profile Settings | Novell GroupWise | Default. Right click and go to Properties | Authentication Source. - Verify this is the correct host or ip #.   If the GMS authentication source is correct, try re-entering the correct ip # and see whether it allows you to do this or returns an error.
2. Again, from the GroupWise Mobile Server Admin Console | Intellisync Mobile Suite | Profile Settings | Email Accelerator | Novell GroupWise| Default | Right Click, Properties | Access tab | GroupWise Server: Server and port (for the poa).
3. If the above two are correctly referring to the New POA, then you will need to manually modify each problem GMS user and update the ip address.
Login to the gms webpim for a problem user and Click on Settings (left side) | scroll down to the section Server Connections and under Connection Name: It will say something like Novell GroupWise (userid).  This is a selectable link, click the link.  The next screen will have listed Novell GroupWise (userid) Settings with a GroupWise Server: and an ip address:port.   
Click on Remove This Connection button (at the bottom)  After doing this it will take you back to the Settings screen.  Scroll back down to Server Connections and click Add GroupWise Connection. This will insert the correct ip address (reading from the authentication source you've already verified is correct).  
Unfortunately, there is not a global way to fix this and you'd have to do this process for every user.

Additional Information

For a similar situation refer to tid # 7000329