Some iPrint menu task (option) items are missing in iManager

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  • 04-Jan-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iManager 2.7
Novell iPrint for Linux


“Manage printer” iPrint menu item/ option is missing in iManager when RBS is used.
“iPrint Client Management” iPrint menu item is also missing.
All other iPrint menu items are available, manage driver store, create printer, etc.

When forcing "unrestricted" access mode (KB 10095953), all iPrint menu item are available

iManager Error Details:
No pages run in the current environment or support the current device
     iPrint Client Management, Manage Printer
This task is not supported in this version of the directory.


To manually add the iPrint menu items back, there are two options.  You can either add one menu item at a time (best if there are only a few missing) or remove and reconfigure the entire collection (good option if there are a lot of other issues that need fixing, and not many users configured to use iManager in RBS, because of the need to reset up their associations. )

Option 1 - Add one menu item at a time.

Login to iManager 2.7 | Configure (person at desk icon) | Role Base Services | RBS Configuration | check your collection and Edit | Check the iPrint plugin and Edit

Here you should see four property books (red book icons) and seven tasks listed by default. If you don’t see them listed here, the item will not appear under iPrint.  You can add them at this point.  Here is a list of what you should see:

Property Books

  iPrint Client Management
  Manage Driver Store
  Manage Printer
  Manage Print Manager

There are also 7 tasks in the list as well:

  Create Driver Store
  Create Printer
  Create Print Manager
  Delete Printer Object
  Print Banner Configuration
  Printer Driver Profile
  Printer Pool Configuration


Option 2 - Remove and reconfigure the collection

Remove and reconfigure the collection.(export and import any RBS customization, also reset any associations).

If you have more than one RBS container/objects of the same version in the tree and only need one, you will need to manually delete the second RBS container including each sub container manually.  Removing the active RBS collection should remove the eDir objects at the time the collection is removed from iManager | Configure | RBS Configuration | check the collection and delete.

If you have customized RBS, you can export those out and back into the new collection. Configuring users and their associations, tasks, scopes, etc will need to be done again.

Additional Information

Cause:  Unknown.  Cannot be duplicated.  Could be some type of RBS corruption, or miss configuration during a migration.
Also, two collections of the same version in the same tree could cause issues as well.  (You should only need one)