Migrated Messenger Archives generates 8209 error

  • 7002261
  • 29-Dec-2008
  • 06-Jun-2013


Novell GroupWise Messenger 2.0
Novell NetWare 6.5
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10


Migrating Messenger from NetWare 6.5 to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server creates problems in the archives.
Archive message headings are visible, but the actual message body is not.
Trying to view message generates a 8209 error.


Change the permissions on the files in the archive store by using chmod 755 *, after doing so run a Delete & Regenerate Indexes.  Deleting and regenerating the indexes will reset the permissions to 640, but the archives should now be completely viewable without the 8209 error.

Additional Information

The following information is taken from our documentation section 6.3.1 Copying the Archive Store and Archive Indexes. See https://www.novell.com/documentation/nm2/nm2_install/index.html?page=/documentation/nm2/nm2_install/data/b3n5x8x.html for more information.
  1. From the NetWare or Windows server, stop the Messaging Agent and Archive Agent.
  2. From the Linux server, verify that the Messaging and Archive Agents are stopped. If they are running, stop both agents.
  3. From the Linux server, copy the Archive Store and Archive Indexes from the NetWare or Windows server to the Linux server.
    For example you could use the following command from a terminal window: cp -r /mnt/nwserver/SYS/Novell/NM/aa/store/ /var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/

    The following table displays the default store location for each operating system:

    Operating System      Default Location
    NetWare                      sys:\Novell\NM\aa\store
    Linux                            var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/store

  4. If the user that the Messenger agents on the Linux server will run as is not root, you need to change the ownership of the files to the Messenger user. To change the ownership of the files, use the following command in a terminal window: chown -R gwmsgr:gwmsgr /var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/store