SecureLogin Installation modes and NSL - Citrix Passthrough Authentication

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  • 26-Dec-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
NMAS installed on both workstation and Citrix server


Which installation option(s) must be selected in order for NSL - Citrix Passthrough Authentication to work?


NSL - Citrix Passthrough Authentication means that credentials captured from the workstation login are used to authenticate to the directory when a Published App is launched. NSL - Citrix Passthrough Authentication will occur automatically when SecureLogin is installed on both the workstation and the Citrix server. This works regardless of the installation mode chosen, with a few caveats.

NSL - Citrix Passthrough Authentication works great when SecureLogin is installed in eDirectory mode with the Novell Client.  It also works fine when SecureLogin is installed in LDAP – GINA mode.

It also works with SecureLogin installed in Credential Manager mode IF the option was chosen to associate the Windows user name. 

In credential manager mode, after the user logs in to Windows the same user name and password are picked up and passed to NSL. An attempt is then made to login to the directory in the background using the Windows credentials. If authentication is successful the user sees nothing. If authentication fails, the user will be prompted to login to the dirctory.