file uploads with Nautilus fail (webDAV HEAD method being converted to GET)

  • 7002225
  • 19-Dec-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Manager 3 Linux Access Gateway
Novell Teaming and Conferencing 1.0.3 back end server being front ended by Linux Access Gateway


Linux Access Gateway configured to proxy requests to a Novell teaming and Conferencing server. The Access Gateway (LAG) server has a public resource pointing to the teaming server. All communications to this Teaming server through the LAG appear to go through fine.

However, when a users tries to upload files from a SuSE Linux ENterprise Desktop (SLED) host using Nautilus (using webDAV requests), the uploads will not work if going through the LAG public resource to access Teaming. The user does not see the upload status pop-up and also does not see an error - the file simply does not get uploaded. Other file operations with Nautilus like rename, delete, and downloads work fine. Other OSs (Windows) performing the same operations work fine.


Known issue with engineering and will be addressed in 3.1 SP 1.

What is happening, and visible in LAN traces, is that the incomingWebDAV HEAD requests from the client are converted to GET's by LAG when forwarded to the Teaming server and not handled correctly by the server.