Unable to read zenworks remote management settings

  • 7002212
  • 17-Dec-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Remote Management


"Novell Zenworks Remote Management Powered by VNC " generates popup box with error at service startup.
ERROR :  "Unable to read zenworks remote management settings "


Check the file C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\conf\novell-rm-setting.ini .
If it is corrupted or missing, you can replace it only with the default file that is shipped with the install.  
After replacing the file restart the remote service.  On the next refresh the settings file will be updated with the settings assigned through the management zone.

Additional Information

If the ini file is not corrupted, the following debug logging can be enabled.
HKLM\Software\Novell\Zenworks\Remote  Management\Agent (Note:  In 10.3 and later use HKLM\Software\Novell\ZCM
Add the following DWORD hex values:
DebugLevel  a
DebugMode 2        
Restart the remote service.  Find the file C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\logs\WinVNC.log for analysis.