NSL shows the credentials of the prior user.

  • 7002175
  • 12-Dec-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


NSL 3.51
Novell Client for Windows 4.91 sp2 
Kiosk workstation - shared by multiple users
NSL installed in LDAP/ GINA mode
NSL configured login with Novell eDir login credentials


NSL  shows the credentials of the prior user.
NSL launches without  prompting for authentication
NSL is still active for the  prior user


Modify the script to do a  killapp on iexplore.exe and  anything else NSL may be looking at, and then execute  slproto/ shutdown.     This is the preferred solution.

Alternatively, you can edit the script to modify  the shutdown order, listing SLProto AFTER SLBroker and SLWinsso. 

NOTE:  This problem does not occur with NSL6.1.  With NSL6.1, killing SLProto will automatically close SLBroker and SLWinSSO.

Additional Information

AutoIT or HTML script is used to shutdown SecureLogin between users.  Script  kills slproto.exe, then slwinsso.exe, and then slbroker.exe.  Problem is with the order way they are killing these three files;  if SLProto is killed while either of the other two files are still active, SLBroker and/ or SLWinsso will relaunch SLProto.  SLProto needs to be killed last. 

Formerly known as TID# 10101142