User Admin cannot see scripts in iManager if View and Modify apps is set to no.

  • 7002174
  • 12-Dec-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
iManager 2.7
SecureLogin SSO Plugin from NSL6.1 fix 11


Administrative user cannot see the application definition (script) iManager.
The list of applications shows, but the script is not visible after drilling down on an application.

Problem occurs with iManager 2.7.
With iManager 2.6 admin can indeed see the scripts.


Fixed with iManager plugin from NSL6.1HotFix1 or later.

Additional Information

The problem occurs when the following preferences are set to "No:"
"Allow Application Definition to be viewed by users"
"Allow Application Definition to be modified by users"

After changing the above settings to No for a container, the Admin user is not able to view scripts for application definitions for that container.

1. Use iManager 2.6
2. Use SLManager
3. Change the above settings to "yes," re-launch the plugin, edit as desired, and then change the settings back to "No."