The Meaning of the Version and Build Numbers for IDM

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  • 11-Dec-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.5.1


What is the meaning of the version and build numbers for IDM?


The main version number that shows up on the price list of the product is the marketing version.  For example IDM 3.5  It typically corresponds with the version of the IDM product as a whole.
Beginning with IDM 3.5, the driver version numbers were all changed to start with 3.5 the same version as the IDM 3.5 product.  This is the base for the IDM driver for any version of IDM since 3.5.  As changes are made, the version number is based on the extent of the changes made since the last release. The version is usually in the form x.y.z
x is the major version number which is modified when the driver is re-architected.  In other words, the driver is recreated from the ground up.  Currently all the drivers are still on version 3 but this will change as new versions of IDM are released.
y is the minor version number and is modified when new features or capabilities are added to the driver.  Many of the drivers are still on version 5 even though IDM 3.6 has shipped. Some have gone to version 6.
z is the revision number which is modified when the driver is released with fixes for defects.  So for example the IDM Active Directory Driver version that shipped with 3.6 is 3.5.3  After putting on the latest support pack for the IDM 3.6 Active Directory patch the driver version is 3.5.4
The build number that shows up in the trace is the date of the engine or driver builds.  It shows up in a year month day format.  For example 20081225, which would be a build from December 25, 2008.  You may sometimes have more than one build within a driver version.
The version on the driver pre-configuration files corresponds to the product build except that there is a letter V at the end followed by number.  The number is changed as patches to the pre-configuration file are made.