Error building content paths after removing satellite server role.

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  • 08-Dec-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 1 - 10.1


After removing satellite server with CDP role, clients no longer receive content.
Variety of errors on client side around bundles or policies with content after changing satellite server content role.  The server side error is "Error building content paths "
ERROR (from services-messages.log):
[DEBUG] [12/2/08 3:30:11 PM] [] [[[Content Web Service]]] [getContentInfo:
Error building content paths.] [getContentInfo: Error building content paths.]
[] []
[DEBUG] [12/2/08 3:30:11 PM] [] [[[Content Web Service]]]


After removing a satellite server role for content synchronization (ZCC | Configuration | Server Hierarchy ), check closest server rules to determine whether any are now empty (ZCC | Configuration | Infrastructure Management | Closest Server Rules ).  If the rule doesn't include a content server, add one.


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Additional Information

Removing a satellite server for content distribution point may leave closest server rules empty when those rules included only the CDP.
In general, don't check "Don't use default closest server rule "  if it is possible that CDPs may unavailable for content and primary server is not included in the content closest server rules applied to devices.
The guid of the CDP is found in the error in services-messages.log.  For example, in the error listed above, the guid is 1a4964de4813ca95d90c06a85a7ce48a.  Use zman ogp <guid> to return the name of the device.  Likely it was once given CDP role and that was removed.