Common issues with Teaming Licenses

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  • 05-Dec-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Teaming 1.0
Novell Teaming 1.0 Support Pack 1
Novell Teaming 1.0 Support Pack 2
Novell Teaming 1.0 Support Pack 3
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Support Pack 1
Novell Teaming is installed correctly.
Novell Teaming is working on both HTTP and HTTPS ports.


The purpose of this document is to address common issues and error seen related to Novell Teaming and it's Licenses.

Expired licenses
Mismatched license files errors
Updating license files
Adding license files
Multiple conflicting license files found, 'effective date' does not match

Purchase of additional licenses (often a cause of mismatched license files)
Upgrade of license
Replacing old license
Replacing free 20 user Starter pack license


There have been a variety of types of licenses for Teaming as this product has developed.  Licenses that limit features such as the Advanced Workflow and Advanced Telephony, Evaluation licenses, licenses that limit the number of users who can login such as the free 20 users starter pack license or the earlier stratified licenses (came in bundles of 10, 25, 50, 100, etc.), and newest licenses do not limit in a technical or physical way but limit on paper or legally.  To resolve license issues the correct license file that is legal needs to be supplied to the Teaming server and then reloaded into the system database.

Corrective Steps: 

  1. Access the Teaming server

  2. Check the Teaming servers license directory for any licenses files.
        On Linux: /opt/icecore/liferay-portal-tomcat-5.5-jdk5-4.3.0/webapps/ssf/WEB-INF/license
        On Windows: c:\icecore\liferay-portal-tomcat-5.5-jdk5-4.3.0\webapps\ssf\WEB-INF\license

  3. The files can have any name but usually have an .xml extention.  Preferred filename is license.xml

  4. If using the new unlimited license files, remove all license files from the directory except the one unlimited license file.

  5. If using any other type of license file, remove all but the one license file that is valid.

  6. If using the stratified licenses, verify that all the licenses have the same expiration date and remove all others.

  7. Use a web browser and login to Teaming as the Admin user.

  8. Open the Teaming Enterprise Admin portlet.

  9. Click on Manage license

  10. Click on Reload license file

The new license should be loaded.