Got ASA database problems on Linux edition of GMS, what next ?

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  • 02-Dec-2008
  • 10-Dec-2013


GroupWise Mobile Server Linux edition.


There is a set of ASA database tools that you can use to try fixing your problems. Before running them, you will need:
1. Locate /etc/ file and add manually a path for ASA database tools libraries. The libraries are located under /opt/ims/db/linux/lib.
2. After you saved the file, please, run ldconfig -v to update a cache.
Now you are ready to start playing with the ASA databases. There might be two reasons of possible corruptions - it is either due to a corruption of the database (SyncDB.db) file or due to any problems with database transaction log - SyncDB.log. Those files are located in /opt/ims/db/data. Database utilities are located in /opt/ims/db/linux/bin.
First try if you can go over possible transaction file problems by using dbsrv9 utility - first preserve existing SyncDB.log file:
./dbsrv9 "/opt/ims/db/data/SyncDB.db" -f
if you do not manage to fix here anything and the problem is not on the trasaction log file but inside the SyncDB.db file. Check whether you can fix the DB file using original transaction log file:
./dbsrv9 "/opt/ims/db/data/SyncDB.db" -a "/opt/ims/db/data/SyncDB.log"
If you manage to fix the databases here and you are able to start the asadb daemon, go ahead and do some more database validation checks using dbvalid tool:
./dbvalid -c "uid=dba;pwd=pylonanywhere;dbf=/opt/ims/db/data/SyncDB.db"
You can try few more database check options of dbvalid utility that can be listed from a command line help.
More about the ASA database troubleshooting and backup can be found at:
If you are unable to fix the ASA database and transaction log files, you will need to replace them from the last working backup.