GroupWise Archive Error: "Need to convert older version of database to GroupWise 6"

  • 7002048
  • 02-Dec-2008
  • 01-Jul-2013


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8


GroupWise Archive Error: "Need to convert older version of database to GroupWise 6"
Cannot open the GroupWise archive for the user
Error C067 or C06f while opening the archive
Cannot run GWCheck on Archive
DC files may not be correct


There are a couple possibilities for working around the issue, depending on the area of corruption.

A)  If it is believed that only the ngwguard.db or dc files are incorrect/corrupted, then point the GW archive to a new location and have it create a new archive, so that there will be new copies of the ngwguard.db and dc files. Copy those files to the "old" archive. Then re-point GW client to the old archive.

If the above solution doesn't work, then a new user.db and ngwguard.db will have to be copied to the mis-behavnig archive directory and then run recreate user database from GWCheck on the archive directory. Recreate user database will check the message database in the archive and drop a pointer to all the messages it finds in the new copy of the user.db. The mail pointers that the GWCheck finds for the user will be placed in the root of the cabinet folder and not in the folder it was archived originally. 

B)  Steps to create new user.db and ngwguard.db databases.
  1. While logged in a as the user create a new archive by going to Tools | Options | Environment | File Location and set a new path for the archive directory. (choos no if it prompt to move existing archive to new directory)
  2. Send one message from the indox to the new archive. (this will create user.db and ngwguard.db along with msg.db and few other files)
  3. Rename the existing user.db and ngwguard.db in the original mis-behaving archive directory.
  4. Browse to the new archive directory and copy the user.db and ngwguard.db to the existing mis-behaving archive directory. (User will be able to access the archive directory at this point, however this new user database has no mail pointer in it.)
  5. Launch GWCheck, specify the archive directory path and in the Action tab select the Recreate user database option and click on Run. (GWCheck will put a pointer to all the mail it finds in the message database at the root of the cabinet in the archives user database)
  6. Log in to the GroupWise client and change the archive directory path to point to the mis-behaving acrhive path. All the mails will be placed under the root of the archive cabinet folder. 

Additional Information

Root Cause:
user.db and ngwguard.db in the archive directory are corrupt. 

Formally known as TID # 10100062