Citrix sessions close immediately after ZCM authentication.

  • 7002045
  • 01-Dec-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 1 - 10.1
Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 1 - 10.1 Authentication
Citrix Presentation Server 4.x (XenApp)


After the ZCM 10.1.x agent is installed on a Citrix Server (no Novell Client) any of the following symptoms are observed:

- Citrix client session hangs after successful logon at the point of processing logon scripts.

- Client session crashes at the point when the desktop or citrix application is to be displayed.

- Winlogon.exe errors when logging in at the Windows Server.


1. Rename the C:\Windows\System32\Nwgina.dll (e.g. ZENgina.dll)
2. Fix the registry to reflect the new gina name.  HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\CtxGinaDll REG_SZ <new gina name  (e.g. ZENgina.dll)>
3. Reboot

Additional Information

The issue is that there are 3 gina's chained together and all running.  Citrix, Novell, Microsoft (in that order)
 have gina's in the gina chain. The problem occurs when the Citrix gina calls us and we in turn call the
 Microsoft gina using the data that was given to us by the Citrix gina. The Citrix gina must be watching
for the name of NWGina.dll as the gina it passes through too, and if it is NWGina.dll it must be
changing the data that it gives us. We in turn give to the Microsoft gina, which appears to make the
Microsoft gina crash.

Prior to the ZCM 10.0.3 agent, the gina chain stopped at Nwgina.dll. With agent version 10.0.3 and
newer is the introduction of the additional call into the Microsoft gina.