Identity Manager Lotus Notes Driver Ability to Move Registered Users from One Server to Another

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  • 01-Dec-2008
  • 02-Jan-2013


Novell Identity Manager Driver - Lotus Notes


Does the Lotus Notes driver have the ability to move registered users from one server to another?


No.  Moving a user from one registration (home) server to another is possible via the Lotus Java API, and moving a user mailbox from one mailserver to another is also possible with the Lotus Java API. Moving a user from one certifier (container) to another is currently supported by the NotesDriverShim. The driver could do a user move between home servers, and a mailbox move between mail servers in certain circumstances (ie. the Lotus Java APIs are available), but the NotesDriverShim would probably require a few programming extensions and the requisite testing. Our experience with Notes user moves is that they need to be highly customized [every Notes configuration is completely different, with many optional extensions (Domino CA usage, mailbox replication, ACL settings, roaming user settings, etc. etc.)] that require programming support, and are not always conducive to general IDM administration. Currently, when requirements are well understood, the Notes driver policies can be implemented to handle requisite certifier moves, and that is all that is supported. Home server and mailserver moves have not been in high demand for the Notes driver due to the availability of the Lotus Notes Roaming user feature (which the driver does support), which removes the need for the Notes user to connect to the same home server for login, authentication, and mail access.