Error: D06B "LDAP password change failed"

  • 7002006
  • 24-Nov-2008
  • 11-Apr-2014


GroupWise 7


Change: Turned on LDAP Authentication in the GroupWise system.
Symptom: Error: D06B "LDAP password change failed"
Symptom: GroupWise External Entities cannot change their GroupWise passwords in the GroupWise client when the GroupWise system is setup to use LDAP authentication.
Error occurs when in the GW client, Tools, Options, Security, Password after old and new passwords are entered and OK is clicked.


Steps to duplicate:
1- Make sure LDAP authentication is turned on in the post office properties, Security tab.
2- Go into the Tools, Option, Security, Password of a GW External Entity.
3- Change the password and notice the error: D06B "LDAP password change failed.
4- Problem is that there is no way for users to change their password when they are defined as External Entities with LDAP authentication turned on.
Work-around would be to create NDS accounts for the non-NDS users.  Also note that the passwords can be changed in ConsoleOne but not from the GroupWise client itself.
Work -around If user is still present in NDS dissassociate Groupwise Attribute & associate them back.

Additional Information

Cause: LDAP Authentication in GroupWise is designed to use NDS passwords.  Since External Entities do not have and NDS account, this does not work.
Formerly known as TID# 10074970