Duplicate GAL due to Initial Deployment browser option

  • 7001997
  • 24-Nov-2008
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server 2.0x


Some users get on their phones duplicate Global Address List (GAL). For example one is listed in English as GlobalAddrList and other is in German as GlobalAdrList.


This has been reported to the Nokia development. A current workaround is to avoid using following configuration option:
1. Start Admin Console and check properties of the Intellisync Mobile Suite.
2. In Client Languages section on General tab, do not activate "Allow Initial Deployment browser to determine client language".
Set the default language to what it is the most convenient in your environment. If any user requires a different language settings, let him login in his GMS mailbox via WebPIM interface and then:
1. Click on Settings tab.
2. Here in the Account Settings section click on General User Information.
3. In a Language drop-down menu select desired language for the user. This will immediately change menu options after saving a change.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
1. Start Admin Console.
2. Check properties of the Intellisync Suite.
3. In Client Language section select English + activate Allow Initial Deployment browser to determine client language option.
4. Restart Intellisync services.
5. Get German or other language WS / a web browser with a different than ENG default language settings and start web browser.
6. The initial deployment option sets the GMS respond in appropriate language - here in German, for instance.
7. Once you login as new GMS user and finish a configuration, go into Settings tab and click on "Pick contacts to sync". You will see in case of German "GlobalAdrList" as a name of GAL offered for sync.
8. Now any next new GMS user gets the name of a GAL still in German "GlobalAdrList" regardless of his client language setting.
In other words, whoever logs as the first sets the name of the GAL in a language he used and this applies for any new user. This bug, however, does not change a name of the GAL for existing users.
A problem is that if you delete existing GMS account that was in ENG and your GMS has got German settings, recreated account gets it in German, too. Once this user syncs his phone (with still ENG settings), he gets a duplicate on the GAL:
GlobalAdrList (in German)
GlobalAddrList (in English)
There might be some other scenarios where the initial deployment settings can be a cause behind duplicate GALs reported.