GroupWise 8 current information and issues

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  • 20-Nov-2008
  • 11-Feb-2014


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1
Novell GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 2
Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack


Here is a current list of known issues with, and information for, GroupWise 8:


3347260 - Doing a Top Down Rebuild on GroupWise 5, 6, 6.5, 7, or 8

3519110 - Mail sent to personal group is not being delivered to nested system distribution lists

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

3540444 - Blank Web Page after logging in to GroupWise WebAccess

3607973 - Error: "C022" when starting MTA

3611803 - Caller is not allowed access to a file when rebuilding GroupWise Domain

3788883 - How to rebuild a domain database.

7000192 - GroupWise gwdva process causing 100% CPU utilization on virtualized Linux server

7000208 - Attachments keep on increasing in the draft mail if File | Print is clicked

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7000388 - GroupWise Agents Status on Linux is unused

7000578 - WebAccess webconsole shows HTTP over SSL disabled even though WebAccess configured for SSL

7000586 - Message Conversion Slow for Outbound GWIA

7000590 - Error: File store not a view description file, using GroupWise 8 client

7000712 - How can GroupWise Proxy Access be determined using GWCheck or Mailbox Maintenance?

7000720 - Changes to the GroupWiseProvider object are not reflected in the webacc.cfg

7000726 - GroupWise icons on GNOME panel disappear when doing a find by CTRL+F

7000861 - Cannot access address book from the client if logged in as user without administrative privileges on windows workstation

7000880 - API Gateway does not create accounts on Exchange

7000911 - Unable to select messages in a folder when 'ShowGroup Labels' display property is enabled

7000919 - Password not resetting for user with GWCheck

7000929 - How does GWCheck determine what items to expire ?

7000956 - Users moved to a different post office does not see new items in shared folders

7001028 - Opening a posted appointment, note or task prompts to save when closing when nothing changed

7001170 - Error: Running the agent with conflicting effective users

7001282 - Network Type field in properties of the Domain and Post Office

7001351 - Groupwise 8 / Client / different behaviour of Address fields

7001398 - Font size is to small or tiny to read

7001403 - Users listed in Distribution list do not show all the information

7001481 - Web Console error: Please login again. You may have typed your name or password incorrectly.

7001523 - Changing the FROM field does not work on Reply or Forward Mail

7001572 - Retention not working properly

7001809 - shared folder deleted after content check

7001843 - Messages sent to the Internet are returned to the sender with a 501 invalid hostname error

7001851 - GWDVA will only load once no matter how many times WebAccess is loaded

This is working as designed. An enhancement request has been submitted

7001853 - GroupWise POA log - Tracking Proxy Access

7001888 - Changing options for the GW Monitor Agent object in ConsoleOne corrupts the GWMONITOR.CFG file

7001889 - Client shuts down when trying to browse past the year 2105 in the calendar

7001890 - A Web panel with a refresh interval will steal focus and move Compose view behind main GW window

7001894 - GroupWise account stops working after dragging a sub calendar to the mailbox

7001895 - Client crashes when copying some Japanese characters in the title

7001896 - Can't add additional attachments when forwarding an email as an attachment

7001897 - GWIA is not handling nicknamed addresses properly and can result in a nickname loop

7001898 - Soft timeout redirects for session renewal with WebAccess result in browser "hang"

7001900 - IMAP4 error when opening mail using the Russian client on a Russian OS workstation

7001902 - SMTP Send and receive threads explained

7001924 - Hyperlinks are no longer clickable after using Change To

7001945 - Login Failed trying to access Calendar Publishing Host Administration webpage

7001949 - Installing GW8HP1 Win32 client as update fails with "unable to register gwcma1.dll"

7001961 - Unable to scroll to see all calendars in Internet Explorer 7

7001962 - Sending plain text messages with Polish characters in the subject are not encoded correctly

7001963 - IE7 freezes when an item is dragged to the edge of a calendar

7001964 - Unable to send email messages or post appointments using IDM Mail and Calendar portlets

7001966 - Problems with Publish Calendar page through iChain or NAM

7001967 - Global signatures created with ConsoleOne and the parsing by GWIA should use standard characters

7001968 - Locking out old snapins puts an incorrect date in the box

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7001970 - Manual Migration: NSBS 6.x to NOWS SBE with GroupWise 7.0 or GroupWise 8.0

7001972 - GroupWise 7.x GWIA sends some messages in the format

This has been fixed in GroupWise 703 Hot Patch 3. There was no need for a fix in GroupWise 8

7001982 - Reply or Forward contains only the Message Header or partial text

7001999 - Archive Directory UNC path locked in console one does not sync to the remote mailbox

7002003 - How to find the owner of mail in a shared folder

7002011 - What is the setting to bring back the GroupWise Home Folder Welcome screen?

7002021 - GroupWise WebAccess Errors During Install on NetWare

7002032 - Calendar publishing agent throwing an exception when trying to access the published calendar in caching mode

7002048 - GroupWise Archive Error: "Need to convert older version of database to GroupWise 6"

7002049 - How to display two Time Zones in the GroupWise Calender

7002056 - Telnet to GWIA shows 220************** response

7002059 - Standalone GWCHECK no longer working with the /l-US or /lang-US

7002062 - Page Fault Processor Exception, Running Process GWINTER

7002066 - Out of Office appointments display blank Show As in published calendar

7002067 - Published calendars do not show up as a valid link

7002074 - Drag and drop message into a shared folder via WebAccess is not working

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7002075 - Unable to access LDAP address book from a foreign email system using WebAccess

7002078 - Change in distribution list membership do not update in personal address book

7002079 - Unable to enable or disable document integrations

7002081 - Cannot Create GroupWise Resources or Distribution Lists

7002082 - Chinese character disappears from the subject line if mail/appointment is sent from WebPIM or PDA

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7002087 - "COM error VerifyConnection error" adding a GroupWise 8 Post Office on NetWare

This has been resolved in GMS 3.0 for both Windows and Linux

7002093 - How to stop GWIA from publishing GroupWise information on an initial SMTP connection

7002119 - DF17 on the Library of a Post Office Agent After Migrating the Post Office to Linux

7002149 - Is there a way to get MISC tab option for Caching / Remote or Archive Mailboxes?

7002150 - D11B when trying to log in using a GW8 client after an upgrade from GW7x

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7002151 - Notify pop up alerts can be heard but not seen

7002156 - How does the StopService parameter in the SETUP.CFG actually work?

7002158 - NetWare server abends when trying to index PDF files

7002164 - How is the Subscribe option for the Calendar right click menu enabled?

7002187 - Users with limited rights are unable to add additional time zones to the Calendar

7002189 - GroupWise Windows client registry key for English language no longer working with US

7002192 - Dragging the subject line of one e-mail to a New Mail Subject crashes the Windows client.

7002205 - GroupWise 8 WebAccess Spell Checker changes the subject line that contains a special character

7002221 - How to set up a restore area

7002222 - How is the GroupWise 8 driver configured for Identity Manager?

7002238 - No Teaming folders synchronized in GroupWise client.

7002246 - GroupWise Windows client hangs when attaching a file to a message

7002247 - ERROR: "Language resource content mismatch - 930D" on the Logger screen while loading GWTMSTMP.NLM

7002250 - Chinese and German "Umlaute" character appear as * at subject line

7002251 - Global signature gets applied at the beginning of the message when Word is the editor

7002263 - How to publish an email in GroupWise with embedded HTML

7002269 - How does WebAccess determine the mails that are to be recovered

7002280 - How to configure LDAP Directory Service on Outlook Express for address lookup

7002282 - Subscribing to published calendar gives "General Failure" Error

7002319 - Security vulnerability (Cross-site Request Forgery) with GroupWise WebAccess

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7002320 - Persistent Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Security Vulnerability with GroupWise WebAccess

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7002321 - Cross-site Scripting Security Vulnerability with GroupWise WebAccess

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7002322 - Security vulnerability with POST requests to GroupWise WebAccess

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7002327 - Where can the GRPWISE.RPT and GRPWISE.DMP files be found?

7002336 - Changes in GroupWise system address book are not replicated to GMS GAL book

7002351 -The Definitive C05D and C067 TID.

7002353 - ERROR: "Document Convert Agent is unable to service requests" while loading the POA

7002364 - How to repopulate the Shared Address book or Shared Folder without un-sharing and sharing

7002386 - NSS volumes go unresponsive when running GW agents on volume

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7002398 - GroupWise Webaccess Shows Blank screen after hitting 'Go' button

7002406 - How to Use the SupportConfig Package with the GroupWise Plugin

7002417 - Error sending mail with attachments

7002418 - How to force a coredump of a GroupWise POA running on Linux

7002430 - GroupWise client spellcheck misaligns the bullet points

7002459 - Supported methods to administer GroupWise on Linux

7002466 - java.lang.StackOverflowError when logging in with GroupWise 8 client for Macintosh

7002483 - GroupWise Mobile Server contacts display unknown on Palm devices

7002484 - Starting the Linux Agents with a User Interface

7002502 - Security Vulnerability (buffer overflow) with GroupWise Internet Agent

7002504 - "Requested Languate Unavailable" error in WebAccess Spell Checker Groupwise 6.5,7.x And 8.0.

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 1

7002510 - MSIEXEC.EXE error upon updating from GroupWise 7.03 to GroupWise 8.0

7002514 - Sending mail by nickname will not add that user in frequent contacts

7002551 - Unable to restore user's mailbox through Backup/Restore Mailbox option in ConsoleOne

7002553 - WebAccess fails to load with SSL configured

7002560 - Clicking "Find" Returns Compile Error in Webaccess Basic Interface

This has been fixed in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 2

7002569 - C059 on multiple message databases

7002570 - 553 Recipient unknown error on GWIA while sending a mail to the Distribution List

7002572 - When writing a mail, every word is underlined

7002575 - Messages open minimized in GW 8 WebAccess and IE6.

7002581 - Structural Rebuilds with GWCheck returns DF0A error when used with the "all" command

7002582 - GroupWise Domain path changes back to root whenever it is set.

7002583 - Compile error while trying to compose or reply to an email using basic interface of WebAccess

7002585 - Administrative messages are not flowing properly

7002599 - GroupWise 8 Document Management Integration with Microsoft Excel 2007 not Working After Install

7002600 - Novell Edition OpenOffice 3.0 for Windows Document Management is not Enabled by Default

7002601 - How to forward incoming emails to an external email recipient as the original sender

7002602 - WebAccess 8 status is displayed as dead

7002611 - When subscribing to a iCal calender, description is lost

7002612 - MTA reports D109 after changing users Internet Address

7002621 - Quick correct word list empty

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 2

7002624 - Web links (URLs) are broken when received in an email

7002627 - All mails cannot be seen in mailbox when a user proxies into another user's account from GroupWise 8 Windows Client

7002649 - The GroupWise client cannot permanently save a certificate from an ActiveID PIV card

7002654 - Users unable to login to GroupWise WebAccess after upgrade to GroupWise 8

7002663 - Renaming object with '\' included, leaves GroupWise object non-administrable

7002669 - 8201 Error When Restoring Messages from a Backup

7002675 - Unable to create a new domain on SLES, error 0x8209

7002693 - Message source of Internet mails shows empty in a shared folder.

7002694 - Unexpected failure detected: NestedException shows in GMS logs.

7002708 - Cannot create an Internet Address that contains an apostrophe

7002709 - Switching between HTML and Plain Text views removes spaces in message body

7002710 - POA Quickfinder Switches

7002711 - Distribution List emails results in same user on TO: line and other users on BC: Line

7002712 - GWIA Error: "450 host down" when sending mail

7002741 - Unable to login to the Web Calendar Publishing Host Administration Console

7002742 - The URL of the Published Calendar , shows the IP Address instead of DNS name in Caching Mode

7002744 - Webaccess application Install is showing old IP address in Installation summary.

7002749 - How to create a Secondary Domain on Linux

7002760 - The number 6 is stripped from addresses sent from Palm devices in GMS.

This has been resolved in GMS 3.01

7002770 - DSN (Delivery system notification) does not work in GroupWise 8

7002773 - WebAccess client not observing the Internet Reply settings from the regular client

7002776 - Is Citrix Winframe or Metaframe supported by GroupWise?

7002800 - Can I send an appointment from GroupWise to Outlook through GWIA?

7002812 - GroupWise admin changes are not updating using IDM's GroupWise driver Error D109

7002857 - Upgrade of GroupWise 7.0x Client to 8.x Fails with Error 1326

7002861 - Error: "File store not a view description file", using GroupWise 7.x Client Against 8.x Post Office

7002871 - Update from IChain to Access Gateway Requires Change to GroupWise Webaccess Logout URL

7002872 - How to add additional GroupWise fields into Exchange address book.

7002882 - Admin changes not taking effect while running GroupWise Agents as non-root user

7002887 - 550 relaying denied error while sending internet mail using Outlook Express

7002890 - GroupWise WebAccess spell checker does not recognize nouns in Possessive or Genitive case

7002891 - Template Compile errors in WebAccess Application logs on WebAccess startup

7002895 - Sometimes, the schema does not extend in GroupWise 8 Install

7002899 - DBCopy Cannot Backup Files.

7002904 - Unable to add contacts to CC or BCC when selected from Address Book while composing new mail in Chinese GroupWise client

7002905 - How can a GWCHECK operation be stopped when run from ConsoleOne?

7002916 - GroupWise WebAccess Agent stops intermittently and shows status dead

7002918 - Script to monitor the GroupWise status and auto-restart if its down

7002921 - Mail properties different in GroupWise Client and WebAccess

7002927 - Understanding LDAP authentication for GroupWise

7002930 - Calendar page not loading in Webaccess when using Internet Explorer 8

7002938 - How to access GroupWise 8.x post office with GroupWise 7.x and 8.x client

7002951 - Problems archiving to network drive with GroupWise client for Macintosh

7002960 - GroupWise users appear in UPD format in messages routed through the GroupWise 7 Gateway for Microsoft Exchange

7002961 - Exchange users receive Internet email with very large fonts

7002962 - Exchange Gateway RTF conversion issues

7002964 - HTML text disappears in forwarded email originating in Exchange

7002967 - Unable to get connected to Exchange Server through IMAP4 using domain\username format , from Groupwise client

7002968 - Calendar Publisher does not update automatically , unless tomcat is restarted

7002969 - GWCheck on Linux crashes while Reassigning orphaned documents to a New Author

7002994 - Subscribing to a blank calender gives the error "Invalid Property Value"

7002996 - How to fix GroupWise mailbox system folders.

7003013 - GWIA Creates Duplicate Attachment by Decoding the Same UUEncoded Attachment Twice

This has been fixed in GroupWise 8 Hot Patch 2

7003015 - The tsafsgw makes a temporary copy of GroupWise databases on disk during the backup process. How long will it exist in the temporary location?

7003021 - Support of GroupWise WebAccess on Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

7003026 - ERROR: "Invalid Index number" while deteting an user account

7003028 - Only A Portion Of Email Text In Forwarded/Replied To Email

7003132 - GroupWise crashes randomly when accessing the multi-user calendar.

7003151 - Internet Email Not Undeliverable - MTA Trying Actual Internet IP Address

7003157 - grpwise.exe utilizes 50 percent of CPU when attaching a pdf word or excel document to a new email

7003162 - Using dbcopy for in place migrations of GroupWise from NetWare to Linux.

7003164 - Can the GroupWise 7 Gateway for Exchange be used with GroupWise 8?

7003166 - How to Administer a Mixed GroupWise 7 and GroupWise 8 System

7003167 - Unable to start WEBAC80A service

7003168 - Where are the Instructions for Creating an Application that Uses SOAP to Connect to GroupWise?

7003171 - GroupWise 8 HTML Global Signatures Not Added to Outbound Email

7003172 - No bounce back for relayed messages

7003184 - Unable to install GroupWise client

7003185 - Error trying to sync Mobile Server with HTC TOUCH phone

7003187 - Unable to do a Find or Search in User Mailbox.

7003191 - GWENN5.NLM abends in WpfPartialFreeField

7003195 - Error "Web Site Certified by Unknown Authority" on GroupWise Client for Macintosh

7003196 - GroupWise client Uninstall does not clean Microsoft Office file association

7003213 - Unable to send E-Mails using GroupWise Webaccess with setting "Check spelling before send" enabled

7003215 - GroupWise 8.0 HP1 Messages Downloaded via IMAP4 clients (such as NotifyLink) do Not Show Attachments

7003266 - Novell GroupWise WebAccess - Security Vulnerability in Session Management Mechanisms

7003267 - Novell GroupWise WebAccess - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Security Vulnerability via Unfiltered Style Expressions

7003268 - Novell GroupWise WebAccess - Scripting Security Vulnerability

This has been resolved in GroupWise 8 HotPatch 2

7003271 - Novell GroupWise WebAccess - Security Vulnerability with Javascript

this has been resolved in GroupWise 8 HotPatch 2

7003272 - Novell GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) - Security Vulnerability Processing SMTP Requests

7003273 - Novell GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) - Security Vulnerability in Email Address Processing

7003279 - GroupWise spellchecker does not work

7003288 - No FreeBusy information returned for Exchange user

7003299 - GroupWise Proxy Redirect Conflicts with NGWNAMESERVER

7003310 - Can't upgrade or install GroupWise 7 or 8 client on windows

7003322 - GroupWise Agents status on Linux is unused

7003325 - Page cannot be displayed while logging in to Webpim at Internal IP of Mobile Server

7003332 - Opening a contact from the Address Book in the GroupWise Client for Windows, locks out all the other GroupWise windows

7003348 - 404 error when trying to view Internet Free/Busy Calendar

7003349 - Unable to see attached mail in simple interface of WebAccess

7003357 - Unable to download some messages using IMAP Client

7003393 - Unable to mange GroupWise from ConsoleOne

7003395 - GWIA HTTP Port is Unavailable

7003402 - POA unable to receive the mail from outside the Post Office after a restart

7003406 - GWIA crashes on some relayed messages if Global Signature is enabled on relayed messages

7003407 - URL Hyperlinks in Posted Notes do not work

7003433 - How to confirm that TSAFS and TSAFSGW is being used to backup GroupWise

7003435 - Renaming a resource object will cause d101 errors if the new name contains underscores

7003453 - Multiple attachments cannot be edited simultaneously while composing in Groupwise Client

7003472 - The Client Executable grpwise.exe Will Not Unload

7003477 - Unable to send emails with attachments from WebAccess

7003484 - GroupWise Mobile Server Error connecting to

7003485 - Moving a GroupWise Library to a new OU or Organizational Unit

7003494 - Unable to save attachment with a file extension

7003497 - Custom Filter in Personal Address Book does not work with GroupWise 8 Client

7003508 - How to move data between two GroupWise Mobile Servers, version 3.

7003528 - Users Can't authenticate into post office via LDAP

7003538 - Document Properties Maintenance Does Not Lauch from 64-bit Windows Server Platforms

7003543 - How to trap messages with Gwia

7003551 - Error: "Microsoft Office Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action"

7003557 - Dynamic eDirectory groups do not synchronize to GroupWise

7003572 - GroupWise Agents go defunct while shutting down

7003586 - How to identify the language of an installed GroupWise System

7003622 - Auto Reply messages bounce back with a "501 Syntax error"

7003636 - GroupWise 8 Client Error: "The version of GroupWise you are using cannot access this Post Office".

7003639 - Error: "To avoid problems with databse integrity, please enable File Commit in the Novell Client settings"

7003646 - Connected to unsupported GroupWise Server, error on the Intellisync Mobile Suite.

7003648 - Some text is lost from the message body using the GroupWise Client

7003652 - How to enable a full crash dump for the GroupWise client on Windows.

7003653 - MIME Created by GroupWise Client Does Not Include CC Address of a Resource

7003654 - Outbound Email Shows Corrupt at Recipient Site

7003724 - GroupWise Support for 64-bit Linux Platforms

7003738 - Mobile number is not copied , when a contact is copied from System Address Book to the Personal Address Book

7003740 - Cannot print selected address book fields while printing labels from the address book

7003765 - Error: "554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued"

7003787 - GWIA incorrectly converts MIME with Polish extended characters

7003816 - "service already provided" message while running "chkconfig grpwise on"

7003828 - Unable to view Calendar Tab in Webaccess

7003833 - Error: "Access denied [D124]" after renaming the user

7003834 - Error: "Attempted operation after a critical error -should abort transaction"

7003841 - Unable to copy Excel sheet grids into the message body of the new mail

7003848 - Declining iCal recurring Appointments sends multiple notifications to the sender

7003849 - GroupWise client crashes while printing multiple emails

7003913 - Is GroupWise 8 supported on OES1/SLES9

7003933 - GW8.0.1 client requires password where 8.0.0 HP2 does not.

7003934 - Users are removed from the document's shared list when using the address selector to add new users.

7003935 - GroupWise Client crash on send/retrieve through MS CHAP v2 PPTP VPN in remote mode.

7003937 - GW8 Client crashes when saving documents to GW Library with no subject

7003952 - MTA Shows Other MTAs as Closed, Link or Transport Down

7003968 - Unable to perform auto-update of GroupWise Clients for POA running on Linux
7003972 - Error: "Post Office cannot be found" while trying to login

7003977 - How to enable web console for GroupWise WebAccess application

7003983 - Error: "Your login is not current, Please login again"

7003998 - How To Exclude the Viewing of Documents With Specific File Extensions in WebAccess

7003999 - GroupWise POA reports Error: Generic File I/O error 8200
7004001 - Unable to configure High Availability for GWIA and WebAccess

7004012 - GMS 3.0.1 do not sync all the Fields in the contacts to the device

- Wrong number of unread mails

7004017 - NO LOGIN GroupWise login failed via IMAP/POP protocol.
7004021 - Error occurs when loading the POA "Requested record not found (D708)

7004033 - GroupWise client spellcheck misaligns the bullet points.

7004071 - Mail items unarchived are not achieved again when auto-archive runs

7004076 - reply to mail in shared folder or when you are proxied to another account end up as a posted message

7004081 - "Error: Initializing SOAP 856B" on the MTA

7004083 - GroupWise addressbook appears empty

7004099 - How to move data between two GroupWise Mobile Servers, version 2.

7004110 - Error:"Send Failure: 451 temporary failure"

7004142 - Unable to send mails to expanded Distribution lists containing External Users

7004177 - Date and time format changed after upgrade in GroupWise 8.

7004220 - ERROR:User unknown when sending email to ""

7004227 - Unable to configure GWIA or WebAccess on a Tree that has DSFW installed

7004266 - Admin-Defined Fields not available in the address book of the Groupwise client

7004273 - Installing GroupWise WebAccess Application on SLES11

7004276 - DIS: Domain database error

7004277 - Error: "Send Failure: 553 You must authenticate"

7004283 - User Defined Fields/Properties does not sync in shared address books

7004295 - Error: "invalid port number" when installing the Calendar Publisher Host

7004296 - Unable to send Internet mails to GroupWise users through Distribution Lists

7004325 - Texts are not aligned properly for appointment in monthly calendar view

7004328 - Unable to see Values of some fields in WebAccess GroupWise System Address Book

7004334 - Support for GroupWise 8 client for Mac on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

7004343 - 8209 error on POA when refreshing Post Office Views

7004350 - One user unable to send email to any user in an other Post Office

7004365 - Error "Failed trying to open the domain" while connecting to domain database through linux ConsoleOne

7004371 - Spell Checker freezes or crashes GroupWise 8 Hebrew interface client

7004372 - Error: Address Book Initialization Failed

7004375 - PDF attachments save with a RTF extension while saving multiple PDF files

7004376 - GW install fails if user doesn't exist at the Organization level

7004378 - Unread items appearing in the Work in Progress folder

7004379 - Unable to access the GWDVA WebConsole

7004380 - Unable to delete User Defined Fields/Properties in GroupWise Personal Address Book

7004386 - Error: "9202 Bad Parameter" when opening a mail message
7004389 - Using OpenOffice or Microsoft Word as the default Editor eventually crashes the GroupWise Client
7004409 - GroupWise 8/SP1 breaks IDM RBPM GW Portlets
7004410 - GroupWise WebAccess - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Security Vulnerability in User.Theme.index parameter
7004418 - Error: "Deletion failed. Access to this library has been enabled by Web Publisher (0xDB50)
7004436 - Signature added at the end of the mail and not at the end of the reply
7004454 - Error: "Unable to process request. Please contact your system administrator"
7004485 - ConsoleOne crashes on SLES 11
7004492 - In GroupWise Information, what's the difference between Users and Total Mailboxes?
7004509 - "Disk is Full" error when opening an attachment to a routing slip
7004510 - GroupWise 8 WebAccess Agent (gwinter) crashes after updating to 8.0 SP1
7004522 - GroupWise 8 WebAccess - Replies to some messages using Safari browser send with blank message body
7004528 - SNMP MIBs not available in GroupWise 8 on Linux
7004534 - gwdca crashes on Linux