How to configure NDPS/iPrint to send print jobs to a printer attached to a Windows workstation/server.

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  • 18-Nov-2008
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Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) 3.x
Novell iPrint (NetWare or Linux)


The common use of NDPS and iPrint is to configure the Novell Server to send print jobs to a network printer.   However, some organizations have low-end desktop printers that don't have an IP address.  Those printers attach to a Windows workstation or Windows server through a parallel or USB connection.  NDPS and iPrint can be configured to send jobs to printers that are attached to Windows workstation and servers.

  • In this TID, iPrint refers to both iPrint and NDPS. 
  • Novell Server refers to a Linux or NetWare server hosting iPrint.
  • These steps apply to Windows XP and not Vista or Windows 7.


1.  Windows Static IP address
Configure the workstation with the physically attached printer to have a static IP address.

2.  Install LPD server on Windows workstation / server
On the workstation with the physically attached printer, install the Microsoft LPD service.  The following steps may slightly differ between different versions of Windows.

a. Log on to the Windows workstation / server with an administrative-level account.
b. Start the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel.
c. Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
d. Click Other Network File and Print Services, and then click Details.
e. Click to select the Print Services for UNIX check box, and then click OK.
- you may be prompted to insert the Windows installation CD.
f. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the installation.
g. Configure the "TCP/IP Print Server" service to start automatically within the Microsoft Services tool (services.msc)

3.  Verify port 515 is open
From a workstation that has not had the LPD service installed, type the following command at a cmd prompt:

telnet <ipaddress> 515
replace <ipaddress> with the IP address of the workstation that has the LPD service installed.   For example, if the IP address of the workstation with the printer attached is, then the command would be:
telnet 515

- If the DOS Box disappears or if it shows a connection error, then it failed to connect.  The LPD service is not properly installed or is not running.

- If the DOS Box goes blank with a blinking white cursor, then it connected.  The LPD service is correctly installed and running.

4.  Create a local Windows printer
Create a local Windows printer with 8 characters or less and no spaces using the Microsoft Add Printer wizard method.  This step may have been completed prior to Step 1.  The order of this step is not important.  Make note of the name of the Windows local printer.  This name will be needed for Step 5.

5.  Create a printer agent to target the workstation
Using iManager, create an iPrint printer.  When prompted for the IP address of the printer, enter the IP address of the workstation with the attached printer.  The default LPR Printer name value is PASSTHROUGH.  Change the value of PASSTHROUGH to the name of the printer (name is described in Step 4).

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