Crystal Reports conversion from Sentinel Version 4.2 to 6.x

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  • 17-Nov-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Sentinel 5.1.3
Novell Sentinel 6.0
Novell Sentinel 6.1


After performing a upgrade of  Sentinel from version 4.2  to 6.x.  SIP and DIP are mapped differently and they do not look like IP Addresses anymore.  All of the reports that use these tags no longer work.  The reports will generate random numbers (i,e. 1,220,698,102 | -2,146,848,739 1,783,724440)" Instead of an IP format of .

Crystal Server upgrade may also be required after upgrade to Sentinel 6.x.


If you are using "EVENTS_RPT_V2" in the reports, there are a few different ways to handle the conversion of the IP integer to IP format.

1.  You can use the two new columns that have been added namely "Source_IP_Dotted / Destination_IP_Dotted", which display the IP format.

2.  IPs are stored in integers in the SIP/DIP columns.  If you want to use the SIP/DIP, you will need to use a SQL function which converts them to IP format.  See below for examples:
        -- For MS SQL database -- DBO.esec_toIpchar(<SIP/DIP column name which you want to convert>)
                                            Example: DBO.esec_toIpchar(EVT_DEST_SMRY_1_RPT_V.destination_IP)
        -- For Oracle database    -- esec_utl.TO_IP_CHAR(<SIP/DIP column name which you want to convert>)
                                            Example: esec_utl.TO_IP_CHAR(EVT_DEST_SMRY_1_RPT_V.destination_IP)
3.  To handle this in Crystal, which would be useful if you are directly using Tables/Views, instead of a SQL command.
You can create "SQL Expression Fields" in crystal with the following code and use these fields to display the IP format.
        -- For MS SQL database -- dbo.esec_toIpChar("EVENTS_RPT_V2"."Source_IP")
        -- For Oracle database    -- esec_utl.to_ip_char("EVENTS_RPT_V2"."SOURCE_IP")


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