Novell ZENworks Patch Management Update Server 6.4 SP1c

  • 7001870
  • 13-Nov-2008
  • 01-Jun-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 6.4 - ZPM6.4


Release of ZPM Update Server 6.4 SP1c

What is SP1c?

SP1c is a revision to SP1 that resolved a known installation issue that has been documented on TID (7001871).  Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) has created a hotfix that resolves this issue which we included in SP1c.

What will SP1c improve?

SP1c will improve our evaluation process for ZPM Update.  According to feedback from Sales Engineers, prospects may experience difficutlites during the evaluation cycle when SP1 fails to install properly under certain circumstances.  SP1c will also reduce our Technical Support call volume.
Who should install SP1c?

Existing customers who have already installed SP1 do not require SP1c. This revision is targeted for prospects evaluating PatchLink Update or existing customers who are planning their upgrade from PatchLink Update v6.3.  SP1c has been published on the Lumension Customer Portal for immediate and manual installation.   A patch has been manufactured in the Patch Repository to detect and deploy for new installations of ZPM Update v6.4.  SP1c will replaced SP1.

Any additional fixes or features in SP1c?

No additional features have been included in SP1c.  See TID (7000079) to review the full list of features included in SP1.  The only fix that was included in SP1c has been documented on TID (7001871).


It is recommended that customers install the latest cumulative update provided by the QFE Team.  Visit TID (7001095) for the latest cumulative update.

Is there an SP1c for the ZPM Update Agent?

No,  SP1c for the Agent is not available or included since this effort was to address Server installations.

The latest versions of the Agent which is available in the Patch Repository are:
  • C - ZENworks Patch Management Agent for Windows v6.4.2.405
  • C - ZENworks Patch Management Agent for Linux/Unix/Mac (LUM) v6.4191.