Unable to upload iPrint driver with iManager Mobile

  • 7001826
  • 07-Nov-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


iPrint on OES Linux
iPrint on Netware
iManager Mobile v 2.7
iManger Mobile v 2.6


Uploading printer driver from iManager Mobile results in the following messages:

Uploading resources to the Driver Store using 'Add From File' is not currently supported.

Uploading Drivers using 'Add From System' must be done using IE 5.5 or later.


Access Workstation iManager via Internet Explorer
  1. Launch Workstation iManager (also known as Mobile iManager).
    • Authenticating to Workstation iManager is not necessary.
  2. From the same workstation, launch Internet Explorer
  3. Go to this address:  http://localhost:48080/nps
  4. Upload the print driver from this IE session.