Installing NDPS/iPrint on Novell Cluster Services

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  • 31-Oct-2008
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Novell iPrint for NetWare
Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS)


Installing NDPS on Novell Cluster Services
Installing iPrint on Novell Cluster Services


Note:  NDPS is configured in basically the same way on clustered or non-clustered environments.  The only steps that are unique to clustering are copying NDPS files to the cluster-enabled volume and working with the scripts.

This document assumes that the cluster is already up and running, and covers only setting up NDPS in the cluster.  There are a few extra steps for iPrint in a cluster, which are as follows.
  • Install NDPS on the servers in the cluster.
  • Copy the NDPS directory to the root of the cluster volume.
  • Create NDPS Broker and Manager pointed to the shared cluster volume.
  • Load the Broker and Manager.
  • Create Printer Agents
  • Edit Cluster load and unload scripts
  • Consider iPrint issues
Detailed steps are as follows.
  1. Install NDPS on all the servers that will host the cluster volume.

    If NDPS was not installed during the initial installation of NetWare:  Mount the NetWare Installation or Overlay CD as a volume, launch StartX at the server console, click on Novell, Install, Add, browse to the Product.ini file at the root of the CD, select Novell Distributed Print Services and follow the prompts to install.  If the CD used for installation is not a CD with a support pack overlay, the applicable support pack must be reapplied to update the NPDS modules.

  2. Copy the SYS:\NDPS directory from one of the servers to the root of the cluster volume.

  3. Using iManager, create an NDPS Broker.  When prompted for the volume, point to the cluster volume.

  4. Using iManager, create an NDPS Manager.  When prompted for the volume, point to the cluster volume.

  5. Load the Broker.  At the console of the server that is currently hosting the cluster volume, type Broker <broker-name.context> /ALLOWDUP /IPADDRESS=<virtual server IP address>

  6. Load the Manager.  At the console of the server that is currently hosting the cluster volume, type NDPSM <manager-name.context> /DBVOLUME=NOCHECK /IPADDRESS=<virtual server IP address>

  7. Using iManager create an NDPS printer pointed to the manager just created.  Enable the printer for iPrint if desired by going to the "IPP Client" tab and clicking the box to enable the printer for iPrint.

  8. Using ConsoleOne, go to the Scripts tab of the cluster volume object, and add the following lines at the bottom of the LOAD script:

    NSS /Transaction=<cluster volume name>  (This switch should not be used in a NetWare 5.1 environment as NetWare 5.1 does not support transactioned writes)
    BROKER <broker-name.context> /ALLOWDUP /IPADDRESS=<virtual server IP address>
    NDPSM <manager-name.context> /DBVOLUME=NOCHECK /IPADDRESS=<virtual server IP address>  (Alternatively, NDPSM <manager-name.context>/DBVOLUME=NOCHECK /dnsname=NDPSM_dns_name)
    HTTPBIND virtual server address /KEYFILE:·SSL CertificateIP" (Optional -- enter this line if iPrint will be used)

    Note:  Do not use /IPADDRESS and /DNSNAME together.  If they are used together then /DNSNAME will be ignored.

  9. Add the following to the top of the UNLOAD script:

    Unload NDPSM
    Unload Broker
    HTTPUNBIND virtual server address (optional -- this line is for iPrint)

  10. Edit the \ETC\HOSTS file.  In order for the Broker to load and enable the RMS properly, you must insure that the virtual server IP address is added to the \ETC\HOSTS file of each server in the cluster that will host the NDPS volume.  An example of the entry would be:   Cluster_NDPSVOL_Server

  11. Other iPrint Considerations

    If using custom maps, copy them to each server in the cluster so they will be available in case of a fail over.  Copy them to SYS:\Login\IPPDocs

Additional Information

For further information, refer to the following additional documents:

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Formerly known as TID# 10050009