Moving the NDPS Manager to another volume and the NDPS Broker to another server.

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  • 31-Oct-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for NetWare
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Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS)


How to move the NDPS Manager to another volume and/or the NDPS Broker to another server without having to recreate the printers.


There are two options:

Option 1:  Move the Manager to another server and keep the same eDirectory object name.
  1. This option is the easiest to do.  Ensure eDirectory is in sync and in good health.  Also ensure that NDPSM.NLM on the destination is the same date or newer than the NDPSM.NLM of the source server.

  2. Be sure the old Manager has been backed up. (On the server console, NDPSM screen, NDPS Manager Status and Control, Database Options, Backup Database Options.)  A backup is made by default every morning at 1 am and after a change is made to the database.  In addition to this back up, before making this change you should make a manual back of the .psm directory.   (Open the NDPS directory, then look in the subdirectory named with a HEX value with a .PSM extension. The backup files are called PSMDBSAV.DAT, PSMDBSV1.DAT, PSMDBSV2.DAT, etc).   If the Print Manager object is deleted, the back up files will be auto-removed.

  3. Unload the Manager on the old server.

  4. Load the Manager on the new server.

  5. While loading the manager, there will be an option to move the  manager files to the new server.  Indicate the volume where you want the manager files to reside.

  6. Queues that were being serviced by a NDPS Gateway will need to be recreated to point to a new volume if the volume where the queues resided is no longer available.
Option 2:  Move the Manager to another Volume on the same server using the same NDPS Manager NDS object name.
  1. Be sure the old Manager has been backed up.  See item 2 listed above.

  2. Unload NDPSM.

  3. From the server console type in the following:  NDPSM /DBVOLUME=distinguished_name.of.volume
    For example, if the NDPS Manager is to be moved from the SYS volume to the DATA volume, and the server name is NDPS and the volume's context is novell, then the command would be NDPSM /DBVOLUME=NDPS_DATA.NOVELL - the NDPS Manager object needs to be selected from the list and the NDPS printer agent directories will be moved to that new volume.   Note that print jobs will NOT be moved, just the printer agents themselves.  Any new print jobs will go to these new directories.
If only the broker is being moved and the Managers will remain on the same servers, only the following changes need to be made:
  1. Unload the current Broker after unloading all the Managers.

  2. See KB 10022411 - - and copy the directories and files from the SYS:\NDPS\RESDIR\ENGLISH\PRNDRV\ directory to the new SYS volume of the new server where the new Broker is installed.  This step will keep all of the previously loaded drivers available for the Printer Agents.

  3. Load the Broker on the new server.  Load all of the Managers again.  When the Managers are loaded they will search for the nearest Broker.  The nearest Broker should be no more than  3 hops away.

  4. Test the loading of new drivers through the Broker's RMS.
Client Configuration

If the printers are installed to the workstation with the iPrint client, then the IP or DNS address that the printer agents are known through will change and printing will cease to function unless measures are taken to handle this scenario.  For details see KB 3006726 -

If the printers are installed to the workstation with the NDPS client (part of the Novell Client for Windows) then this is not a concern.

Additional Information

Moving an NDPS Broker and Manager from one server and volume to another server and volume may result in a volume_unknown error when attempting to load the NDPS Manager on the new server.

To resolve this problem, modify the Database Volume attribute to point to the new volume. In the example below, the value for Print Manager My_Manager has been changed to MY_SERVER_SYS.novell

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