Unable to fully install and configure Novell Storage Services (NSS) on NOWS-SBE 2.0

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  • 28-Oct-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition 2.0 (NOWS SBE 2.0)
Novell Storage Services (NSS)


**NOTE: Though not presently supported on NOWS SBE v2.0, the installation and configuration of NSS is possible.

When following the NOWS-SBE 2 README steps to install and configure Novell Storage Services (NSS) the following problems are encountered:
1. When attempting to create the first NSS pool via iManager the error "invalid incarnation number" is displayed, however ignoring this error and continuing still allows the Pool to be created.
2. The e-Directory objects for the NSS Pool and Volume are not created. When attempting to manually update e-Directory with this information via NSSMU, the errors "-604" for the Pool, and "-603" for the volume are reported.

It is thus not possible to manage Novell Storage Services the Pool and Volume via e-Directory.


Enter the following two commands from the server console:
1. "nssAdminInstall -a <admin user> -p <admin password> -o <nss admin user objectname>"
2. ndssch -t <tree_name> <admin_FDN> /opt/novell/sch/nssfs.sch

If any Pools and Volumes have already been created before completing the above, use NSSMU to update e-Directory with the necessary Novell Storage Services (NSS) Pool and Volume objects. Start NSSMU from the server console and under the "Pools" option, individually highlight the NSS pools in question and then select "F4-Update NDS" for each Pool. Complete the same step for each volume under the Volumes option.

Should the Novell Storage Services (NSS) Pool or Volume object already exist in e-Directory, a prompt will be displayed asking if the existing objects should be deleted and new objects created. In this case it is not needed to perform this step and the operation can be cancelled by selecting "No" to this prompt.

Note that the nssAdmin user object (step one above) need to be in the same context as the Server object.

Additional Information

With the current steps as described in the NOWS-SBE 2 README file the NSS Admin user is not created and neither is the Novell e-Directory schema extended for the NSS objects.