iPrint - HTTP Error: 404

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  • 24-Oct-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux


The following error is returned when attempting to create or move a Print Manager object.

Not Found
IPP Error: 0xF0194
HTTP Error: 404


Step 1:  Ensure iPrint is installed
a.  Type the following command:
rpm -qa novell-iprint-server

b.  If nothing is returned, the continue with steps c through e.  If the novell-iprint-server version is returned, then continue with step 2. 
c.  At a terminal session, type yast and hit Enter.
d.  Within YaST, menu to Open Enterprise Server -> OES Install and Configuration -> Search -> Search for iprint -> choose to install all iprint packages -> accept

Step 2:  Configure the iPrint service in YaST

a. At a command line prompt, enter
yast iprint
b.  When prompted that the service is already configured, select Continue.
c.   Answer the questions prompted by the YaST configuration.
d.  When prompted to restart other services, select No.
e.  Restart apache (rcapache2 restart )

Cause:  iPrint is not installed or is not correctly registered.

Additional Information

One customer reported a scenario that caused the same error that is documented above.

The server IP address changed, which required new certificates to be created.   Follow these steps in that scenario:

1.  Delete the iManager hostnames key
At the iManager server, delete the /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/webapps/nps/portal/modules/iPrintX/certstore/cn=admin,o=novell,[DNSorIP].hostnames file. 

2.  Repair the Default Certificates
iManager -> Novell Certificate Server -> Repair Default Certficates -> Browse to the server hosting iPrint -> Select Yes - All Default Certificates will be overwritten -> Next -> Finish

3.  Restart services
At the iManager server terminal, type:
rcnovell-tomcat5 restart
rcapache2 restart