Disable the ability to switch to to TTYs (Ctrl-Alt-F1 - F6)

  • 7001724
  • 23-Oct-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED), Server (SLES), or openSUSE


Need to disable the ability to switch to a text based terminal using the key combinations of Ctrl-Alt-F1 through F6.  These terminals are commonly referred to as TTY1 through 6 or VT1 through 6.


The Ctrl-Alt-F1 through F6 key combinations can be disabled by editing the file"/etc/X11/xorg.conf then locating the section "ServerFlags".  In the ServerFlags section add the following line:

Option “DontVTSwitch” “true”

As a side note, you can also disable the Ctrl-Alt-BackSpace key combination to restart the X server by adding the following line to this same section:

Option    “DontZap” “true”

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