Nested groups members does not appear in the right panel of the Address Book

  • 7001715
  • 22-Oct-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7.0.3 HP1
Novell GroupWise 7.0.3 HP1 Client used in Caching mode


When working in caching mode, members of the nested Distribution list are not displayed when details are requested from the right panel of the Address Book.

Pushing the button "Click here to refresh group members" will not produce any effect, the membership list will not be refreshed as expected.

Please note that this is a display problem only, sending emails to nested distribution lists actually delivers to every members of the list, as expected.


None, the issue has been reported to engineering.


If the details of the distribution list are requested from the left panel of the address book, the membership list is properly displayed, and since this has been done the details requested from the right panel will start to work as expected as well.

Additional Information

Steps to Duplicate:

Single Domain: Domain A
Two Post Offices: Post Office A and Post Office B

  1. Create a Distribution List named DListA on the Post Office A with visibility system;
  2. Create a Distribution List named DListB on Post Office A with visibility system;
  3. Place some users in the DListA and in the DListB;
  4. Place the DListB in the membership list of DListA so to create a nested distribution list;
  5. Open GroupWise client in Caching mode with a user located on PostOffice B;
  6. Open the Address Book and look in the left panel for the DListA and DListB;
  7. Select from the left panel the DListA;
  8. In the right Panel, right click on the DListB listed as member of DListA, and select Details:
  9. The windows will pop up but members will be no visible;
  10. Click on the button in the bottom part of the windows "Click here to refresh group members":
  11. Nothing will happen, the members will not be updated as expected;
  12. If you select the DListB from the Left panel, then use right click - details the windows will pop up and properly show the members list;
  13. Since the step 10 is done, then the membership list will be visible also if the details of DListB are requested from the right panel of the Address Book.