Apply changes button not submitting changes

  • 7001625
  • 13-Oct-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell BorderManager 3.9 Support Pack 2


Apply changes has to be clicked twice for the changes to be active, specially with access rules. I could duplicate this issue when running iManager from a different server where bm runs. Steps to duplicate it:

1. Two bm servers on the same tree, bm1 and bm2
2. Both of them nw65sp7+bm39sp1
3. iManager 2.7 on both servers
4. Access bm1 server thru its own imanager. Select bordermanager menu, access rules and select bm1 server object.
5. Create a simple http rule and click apply changes, popup with applied success appears then
6. Check server console that aclcheck reads one rule. So far so good
7. Go to bordermanager menu, access rules again and select now bm2 server object.
8. Create a simple http rule and click apply changes. popup with applied changes success appears, then check server console. Aclcheck reads 0 rules. so even imanager reports a success, it looks like proxy/aclcheck is not refreshed properly.
9. Apply changes again, for the second time and this time you'll see aclcheck reads one rules.

If you then access bm2 server directory thru its imanager, you could see that this issue is seen but now with bm1, the remote server in this case, so issue is when changing settings from a different imanager/server.

I duplicate also this issue with proxy settings like enabling smtp proxy. It looks like remotely proxy/aclcheck are not refreshed properly the first time.


Fixed on the new iManager snapins included in bm39sp2_ir1 patch

Additional Information

Accessing the server thru its own iManager has always worked so, as workaround, access the severs thur its own iManager.