Quick Start for NetWare FTP Server installation, setup, configuration

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  • 10-Oct-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


NetWare 6.5
Novell NetWare FTP Server


This document is not intended as a complete discussion of all aspects of the NetWare FTP Server.  It is intended as a Quick Start, to introduce an administrator to NetWare FTP Service, and to provide a jumping-off point to additional help.


NetWare FTP Server is an optional part of the NetWare install.  During the installation of NetWare, the NetWare FTP Server box can be checked to add this product.
If NetWare was installed without FTP, you can add FTP using the following steps:
1.  Insert the NetWare Product ("Prod") CD (or the NetWare Install DVD).
2.  Go into the X Server Graphical Console (execute "startx" if the Graphical Console is not already loaded).
3.  From the "Novell" menu, select "Install."
4.  Click Add.  In the Source Path pop-up box, browse to the NW65PROD volume and double-click on it.
5.  In the right hand column, select (highlight) the POSTINST.NI file.  Click OK, then click OK again.
6.  When the list of components comes up, click "Clear All" and then check the box for "NetWare FTP Server".
7.  Click "Next," then click "Copy files."
Note:  The install will add the command FTPSTART.NCF to the AUTOEXEC.NCF file.  It is not necessary to reboot the server after installing FTP.  FTPSTART can be executed manually to start the FTP service. 
NetWare FTP Server is updated in each NetWare 6.5 Support Pack.  If you wish to get the latest updates without applying a support pack, search at https://support.novell.com/patches.html for nwftpd.nlm.  The current available updates will be in a patch download file named nwftpdxx.zip, where xx is replaced with a number which increments each time the download file is updated.
General Setup and Configuration:
If is very easy to control the configuration of the NetWare FTP Server.  It can easily be done manually or through iManager.
Manual configuration:
Most of the configuration parameters are stored in SYS:\ETC\FTPSERV.CFG.  There are extensive comments in that file to describe the usage.  If more information than this is needed, consult the NetWare 6.5 Online Documentation, or search the Novell knowledge base with the name of an individual parameter, for example:  "FORCE_PASSIVE_ADDR"   If the search returns too many results, add FTPSERV.CFG to the search terms and then sort the results by relevance.
The only configurations not stored in FTPSERV.CFG are special access controls which can effect whether FTP users get their full trustee access or are subject to further limitations.  These are stored in SYS:\ETC\FTPREST.TXT.  That file contains many comments explaining the usage of the file.  If further information is needed, see the NetWare 6.5 Online Documentation, or search the Novell knowledge base for "FTPREST.TXT".
iManager configuration:
In iManager's Roles and Tasks (left column), expand "File Protocols" and then click FTP within.
In the right hand side, browse and select the NetWare server you wish to manage.
This will allow configuration of the FTPSERV.CFG items, in a more user-friendly format.  FTPREST.TXT items will still need to be configured directly in that file.
Additional Common Concerns:
If one or more firewalls will exist between FTP clients and FTP servers, see TID 7002407.