Error 109 when loading NFSGY.NLM.

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  • 10-Oct-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NFS Gateway for NetWare 6.5
Novell NFS Gateway for NetWare 6.0
Novell NetWare NFS Services 3.0


Error 109 when loading NFSGY.NLM.
Error:  Unable to login : error 109.
Error:  109:Unable to login to eDirectory.
NFS Gateway volume object does not get created in DS.
Can't find NFS Gateway volume object with NWADMN32 or ConsoleOne.


In Novell's current NFS products, several NLMs attempt to login as the NFAUUser.  This user is set up with IP address restrictions so only NetWare servers running NFS can login.
If more than one IP address is bound to the server, some calls to login could fail due to the IP address restrictions.
If IPX is being bound before IP on the NetWare server, some calls to login as the NFAUUser may fail due to the IP address restrictions.
Make sure all IP addresses bound to this NetWare server are present in the IP Address restrictions of the NFAUUser object.

If IPX is binding before IP on the NetWare server, change the bind order on the NetWare server so IP binds before IPX.  If the load and bind statements are in the AUTOEXEC.NCF, it will be relatively easy to change the order.

If the load and bind commands are controlled by INETCFG, it may be more difficult.  Deleting the IP and IPX bindings from INETCFG, then putting them back, may re-arrange the order.  If this does not change the order, it may be necessary to manually alter the SYS:ETC\NETINFO.CFG file.  This must be done carefully, as that file contains many important comments and extra characters which INETCFG expects.  The format is very strict.  If the NETINFO.CFG file is manually altered, the NETINFO.CHK file should be deleted so a new one can be generated.

Some users may find it easier to simply rename the NETINFO.CFG and NETINFO.CHK and use INETCFG to create completely new files.

If the bind order can't be changed right away, but it is necessary to assign trustee rights, those rights can be assigned from a DOS prompt, at a mapped drive.  The SYS:PUBLIC\RIGHTS command can be used to set trustee rights even though the volume object has not yet been created.

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