Failed to add schema attribute userPassword

  • 7001610
  • 10-Oct-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 5.1
Novell Native File Access Pack
Novell NFS Services 3.0


Failed to add schema attribute userPassword
Error installing NFAP : 

Error: "Driver Fatal: (class:
com/novell/application/install/nativefs/NativeFSLoginMethods, method: 
addServerAsTrusteeToLoginMethod signature: 
Incompatible object"

SCHINST.NLM could not create NFAUUser object.
SYS:\ETC\SCHINST.LOG shows "Error:144:<date> <time> : Could not add the object : .CN=NFAUUser.<context>
You need to check the NIS Administrator context     Error code: -613."
Error Description This attribute already exists. (DSI-5.00-185)
An error occurred modifying the NDS schema for file SYS:\SYSTEM\SCHEMA\NISUPGD.SCH.
userPassword attribute in DSBROWSE displays  lower and upper bound are set to FFFFFFFF 
DSMISC.LOG shows Error: " Lower bound does not match existing schema attribute definition."


Schema modification scripts are available in download "userpfix2.exe" to correct this attribute.  Read and follow the instructions in that download carefully.  The scripts require eDirectory 8.7.1 or above to run.  For those who are not yet updated to a sufficient version, here are the options:

 If the tree is based on NetWare 5.1 and DS 8.x, either upgrade to eDirectory 8.7.3 and use the userpfix2 scripts, or call Novell Technical Support to resolve this issue.  Support will need to connect to your tree to modify your schema.

If the tree is based on eDirectory 8.6.x, upgrade to eDirectory 8.7.3 and use the userpfix2 scripts.


Additional Information

userPassword Upper and Lower Bounds are set to FFFFFFFF. Lower Bound should be 1 and Upper Bound should 80 for userPassword. Attempts to extend NFS-related schema from NWCONFIG, which frequently help with similar SCHINST failures, do not help this particular error.
Formerly known as TID# 10077258