How to remove a replica from a server

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  • 10-Oct-2008
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Novell Directory Services


Customer wants to remove a replica from a server, and wants to know about issues or concerns
How to remove a replica from a server


Before adding or removing replicas from servers, always make sure that the partition is synchronizing properly and that there are no errors.  Also, make sure time is in sync.  For more information about checking the health of NDS, see TID #3564075 -  NDS Health Check Procedures

Use NDSManager to remove replicas from a server.  DO NOT use DSREPAIR to remove or destroy the replica unless instructed to do so by Novell Technical Services.  NDSManager can be run the SYS:\PUBLIC\WIN32\NDSMGR32.EXE.

Once open, browse down to the server that holds the replica to be removed.  Single click the server; a list of the replicas on the server will show on the right side of the screen.  Right click the replica to be removed and choose "delete replica".  Follow the prompts.

Users do not need to log out during this process.  At most, users should only experience some short latency issues as their connections are redirected towards another server that holds a copy of the requested partition.

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