How to delete/merge a partition

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Novell NetWare 4.11
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Merge partition in to parent
Container is partitioned and it should not be
How to delete/merge a partition


A partition, as such, cannot be deleted as long as it is still a partition.  To delete a partition, the partition needs to be merged into the parent partition, which will "delete" it as a partition.  At this point, it is an OU (Organizational Unit) within the parent partition and can be deleted.
To merge a child partition into a parent partition, complete the following steps:

1.  Follow TID #10024971 -  What happens when I merge a partition?  to prepare both the parent partition and the child partition for the merge.
2.  Perform a health check on both the parent partition and the child partition using TID #3564075 - NDS Health Check Procedures - Cross Platform
3.  NDS Manager Instructions:
     a.  Launch NDS Manager.
     b.  In the NDS tree window of NDS Manager, navigate to and select the child partition to merge.
     c.  Select Object | Partition | Merge.
     d.  Select the parent partition.
     e.  Select YES.
     d.  Click YES to confirm the operation.
4.  ConsoleOne Instructions:
     a.  Launch ConsoleOne
     b.  Right-click the root container of the child partition (it should have an Partition icon icon next to it) > click Views > click Partition and Replica View.
     c.  Make sure the child partition's root container is still selected in the left pane
     d.  On the toolbar, click Merge Partition > OK.  Or Click on File > Merge Partition > Verify information > OK.
9.  To confirm the operation has completed, on the server holding the Master replica of the parent partition type the following at the server console:
        SET DSTRACE = ON
        SET DSTRACE = +S
        SET DSTRACE = *H
        Navigate to the Directory Service screen and wait until ALL PROCESSED = YES is displayed.
10.  In NDS Manager, the child partition should not show in the PARTITION AND SERVER view as a partition.

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