Subordinate Replicas stuck in a "NEW" state.

  • 7001594
  • 10-Oct-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 4.11
DS.NLM 6.09


Renamed server.
Added new server to the tree.
Subordinate Replicas stuck in a "NEW" state.
Bindery Context was set on the server.


A new server, SERVER-Z, was installed into the tree to replace an existing server, SERVER-X.  Two Bindery Contexts were set on SERVER-Z causing DS to place a R/W replica of the partitions as well as the necessary subrefs on the server.  While some of the partitons were still in a "NEW" state, SERVER-X was renamed to SERVER-Y, and SERVER-Z was renamed to SERVER-X.  The partitions that were in a "NEW" state at the time the renames took place did not progress to an "ON" state.

The following steps should be taken to remedy the situation:

1)  Remove DS from the newly installed and renamed server.  This can be done by loading install and selecting Directory Options => Remove DS from this server.
2)  Verify that the server object and volume objects are no longer in the tree.
3)  Verify the consistency of the replica rings that SERVER-X was a part of.  Remove SERVER-X from any ring that it may still be a part of.
4)  Run DSREPAIR - A => Check External References from the Master replica servers for all partitions and verify that there aren't any Inhibit Move Obits pointing back to the server names.  If you have not done so already, perform an NDS Health check as documented in TID 3564075 - NDS Health Check Procedures . 5)  Force a DS heartbeat, SET DSTRACE = *H, on the master replica servers and verify that an "ALL PROCESSED=YES" is displayed for the partitions the server was a part of.
6)  REM out the SET BINDERY CONTEXT line in the AUTOEXEC.NCF file.
7)  Install DS on the server using the correct name and context.
8)  Manually add the necessary R/W Replicas on the server to support the Bindery Context setting and monitor the status of the replicas.  Do not continue until all replicas R/W and SubRefs are in an "ON" state.
9)  Add the SET BINDERY CONTEXT line back into the server's AUTOEXEC.NCF file.
10) Recycle the server.

Additional Information

Server renamed before all partitions progressed to an "ON" state.
Formerly known as TID# 10050173