What are the considerations regarding NDS 8 (eDirectory, NDS Corporate Edition and/or NetWare 5.1)?

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NetWare 5.1 and/or NDS 8 in a mixed environment fails to Install, upgrade, or synchronize properly.
What are the considerations regarding NDS 8 (eDirectory, NDS Corporate Edition and/or NetWare 5.1)?
Steps to prepare for a server upgrade to NDS 8
What are the considerations for NetWare 5.1 Install, Upgrade  and Operation in a Mixed Tree Environment?
Guidelines for mixed NetWare 5.x & NetWare 4.x.
NDS Corporate Edition and NDS eDirectory install or upgrade in a mixed NDS tree
Adding the first NW 5.1 server into a NW 4.11 or a NW 5.0/DS 7.x tree.


To avoid as many problems as possible, it is recommended that a tree contain servers running the same DS versions.  However, realizing that this is the goal and that it is not a viable one-step solution for some large, complex systems, follow the steps listed below to plan the migration of a tree to DB version 8.x (eDirectory):

There are three scenarios that could introduce NDS version 8.x (eDirectory) into tree:

Method 1:  Upgrading an existing server to NW 5.1/DS 8 (eDirectory).  It is recommended that you do not upgrade an existing server that is a "critical" server, i.e., hosting LDAP, PKI, etc.  Upgrade a non-critical servers first.  *ALTHOUGH THIS SERVER SHOULD BE ONE THAT CONTAINS A COPY OF THE ROOT PARTITION!  Follow all of the steps below.

Method 2:  Installing a new NetWare 5.1 Server.  Follow the steps below when installing a new NW5.1 server.  After the installation verify that the newly installed server contains a Read/Write (or Master) replica of the [Root] partition.  

Method 3:  Installing eDirectory or Corporate edition NDS on a NetWare 5.0, NT/2000, Solaris, or Linux server.

Step 1:
Verify that all servers are patched to the latest service packs:  Running the Deployment utility may advise you as to which files should be upgraded, you should use the latest deployment tool available at support.novell.com.
NetWare 4.11:  minimum version 6.11
NetWare 5.x:  minimum version 7.51
Most important -  the Master of [Root] must be patched in order for the following to work properly.

Step 2:
On the server containing the Master replica of the [Root] partition, load DSREPAIR.NLM | Advanced Options | Global Schema Operations | Post NetWare 5 Update and then Optional Schema Enhancements.  Run Optional Schema Enhancements until the message that "No Containment Modifications Necessary."

Step 3:
On the same server (Master of [Root]), run DSREPAIR.NLM | Advanced Options Menu | Repair Local DS database | Set Check Local References and Rebuild Operational Schema to YES, the remaining options to NO. Choose "Yes, save the repaired database" and run with the same options until there are no errors.  

Subsequently, at the console prompt:  

From the Directory Services Screen:  Verify that the Schema Synchronization ends:  All Processed = YES.

Optional but strongly suggested:  On all NDS servers in the Tree:  Load DSREPAIR.NLM | from the Advanced Options Menu | Repair Local Database | Choose to Check Local References and Rebuild Operational Schema.  Run repeatedly until there are no errors.  

Step 4:
Perform an NDS health check on the tree (seeTID #3564075, NDS Health Check Procedures).  Make sure all servers are up and communicating.  Verify that time is in sync before beginning the upgrade.  

Step 5:
Verify that no obituaries reside on the server being upgraded.  Check this by running DSREPAIR|ADVANCED OPTIONS|CHECK EXTERNAL REFERENCES on the server.  All obituaries have to be clean prior to upgrade or renames will occur.

Step 6:
Copy NI.ZIP into the directory C:\NWUPDATE, this will do checks on the server to make sure it can communicate with all other servers it needs to. If it can not complete the installation will not continue until the problem is corrected.  Also copy the newest DIBMIG.NLM (At least dated 08/15/2000) into the directory C:\NWUPDATE.  Both of these files can be found in the PREDS8A.EXE patch on support.novell.com.  This patch should be run on each server to be upgraded before that specific server is upgraded with the NetWare 5.1 O/S.

Step 7:
NDS 8 is a feature rich product and will require additional resources to run efficiently.  Do not assume that because you are running fine on a server with NDS 7.x or 6.x that NDS 8 will run the same without adjustments.  The NDS 8 database with the latest patches runs much faster than previous versions of NDS, but does require more resources.  This is because of new features and flexibility the database provides.  Review KB 10055894 for potential problems that can lead to high utilization on the NDS 8 servers.

Step 8:
Review current hardware and make sure that you have the recommended processor speed, memory, and disk space to complete the install.

Step 9:
Document Hardware information and gather any specific drivers you will need to complete the install.

These steps should help insure that NDS upgrades go smoothly.

*Note: The first 5.1 server will receive a R/W of the [Root] partition and a copy of the partition in which the server is being installed if it is the first NetWare 5 and/or there is not already three copies of the partition. A real copy of the [Root] partition is required on the new NetWare 5.1 or DS 8 server to facilitate schema synchronization.  Once a synchronization has successfully completed for schema the copy of the [Root] partition can be removed, if desired..

Additional Information

This is usually related to the schema enhancements required by NDS  8.x (eDirectory).  This is still necessary even if there were NDS 8 versions prior to 8.35.
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