Support Statement for NDPS (Novell Distributed Print Services)

  • 7001584
  • 10-Oct-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Distributed Print Services for NetWare


Does Novell support NDPS?


NDPS and iPrint server components follow the support life cycle of the host OS.   As of the writing of this TID (Oct2008), the server NDPS NLMs are fully supported by Novell Engineering and Novell Technical Services (NTS).

The NDPS Client (component of the Novell Client for Windows XP) is minimally supported by NTS and not supported by Novell engineering.   NTS will attempt to troubleshoot and resolve NDPS client problems reported by customers, but offers no guarantee we will find a resolution or workaround.    Novell engineering will not investigate or resolve NDPS client bugs.

The NDPS Client is not available for Windows Vista.

Additional Information

The server component of iPrint and NDPS both use NDPSM.NLM. The key differences between iPrint and NDPS are:

1. Server IPP (iPrint Protocol) NLMs
iPrint consists of NLMs also owned by NDPS (NDPSM.NLM, RMANSRVR.NLM, BROKER.NLM, NDPSGW.NLM, and others) with the addition of NLMs that provide server IPP support (IPPSRVR.NLM and MOD_IPP.NLM).


2. Client installed to the workstation
a. iPrint Client (nipp.exe)
b. NDPS Client (Component of the Novell Client for Windows)

The server IPP NLMs working with the iPrint client installed to the workstation allows for features that don't exist in NDPS. Those features include:

iCM (iPrint Client Management)
iCapture (ability to capture LPT ports)
Job notification
mod_ipp cache of drivers --TID 3281477
Custom Banners
Printer Driver Profiles
Printer Pool
iPrint Direct --TID 7001343
Printer Agent Redirection
Workstation auto-removal of deleted printers
For steps to automate the transition from NDPS printers installed to workstations to iPrint printers installed to workstations, see KB 7004661.