GroupWise inconsistencies

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  • 09-Oct-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6
Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7


GroupWise inconsistencies
New users cannot log in to GroupWise
New users are not in the GroupWise address book
C022 errors on WPDOMAIN or WPHOST
Changes in ConsoleOne not taking effect
Unable to Read GroupWise Information for this Object.  Possible Cause, GroupWise replication in progress
GroupWise domain corrupt


Corruption in GroupWise databases.

Additional Information

General explanations and causes:

Virus scanners, backup programs, bad disks, cables and NetWare Client file caching to name a few can lock open domain, post office, user and message database files.  This lock will make admin messages, changes to GroupWise in ConsoleOne not take effect or not replicate to other locked database in the system.  This can also leave a domain or post office database locked when the MTA or POA try to access the databases to update it.  MTAs and POAs are not designed for this and the lock can cause database corruption.  Virus scanning should not be done in the GroupWise directories.  File caching the NetWare client should be turned off at the PC where you run ConsoleOne and can be turned off at the server level.

TID for File caching issue with some noted symptoms for GroupWise.

When we create, modify or rebuild in GroupWise we use the GroupWise .dc (template files)  These files can be corrupt or the incorrect version at times and not function properly when we attempt to make the modification to the GroupWise system.  You can replace all .dc files for all domains and post office to insure they are in good shape and the correct version.  Find new .dc files at the root of a GroupWise CD in the domain and PO directory and copy respectively to all domains and post office directories in the system.  There are many issues that could arise if during an upgrade a dictionary file set to read only was not updated to the current version.  Also since these files are merely files on disk they can become corrupt.  A good measure would be to replace all .dc files across the board and run a validate and recover on the databases.  You can do this for all domains and post offices either from ConsoleOne system maintenance or from the MTA or POA screens on the server. 

ConsoleOne and GroupWise snapins are used to create of modify our GroupWise databases changes and we need to insure we are using a good install of ConsoleOne with new / current GroupWise snapins.  The ConsoleOne application is also just files on disk working together to make an application that we use to modify NDS and GroupWise database.  These files that make up the ConsoleOne application and GroupWise snapins can become corrupt compromising the ability of ConsoleOne to preform correctly.   A freshly installed ConsoleOne with Newly installed GroupWise snapins are resolved many issues where settings were not taking effect when changes were made to the GroupWise system.

With GroupWise we are actually using two database:  NDS and GroupWise.  When an NDS / GroupWise object gives the error about replication in progress it means that the NDS objects GroupWise attributes are not correct/ inconsistent.  This inconsistency can be fixed by grafting the GroupWise attributes back to the NDS objects.  For a single user this can be done by right clicking on the user in NDS view choosing GW utilities / GWEDIR association and associating the object back to its NDS counterpart.  I have seen where it is needed to disassociate and then associate to actually correct the inconsistency but usually just the associate is needed, you find both these options in the same location. 

additional information on Grafting:
Formerly known as TID# 10097189