Error -606 creating NSS admin object

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  • 07-Oct-2008
  • 07-Aug-2013


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)
Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)


After successfully removing OES2 from the tree, it is being reinstalled into the same context.
During the installation of the OES2 the installation returns an error message that it isn't able to configure NSS on the server.
The other OES2 services (in this case eDirectory, LUM etc) install correctly and are integrated into the existing tree correctly.

/var/log/messages  reports:

linux nssAdminInstall[7938]: GlobalCreateNSSAdminObject error -606 adding entry
linux nssAdminInstall[7938]: nssAdminInstall error -606 creating NSS admin object

NSS pools and volumes can be created using NSSMU, but the corresponding eDirectory objects are not created and NSSMU returns the error message Error -1

Pools and volumes cannot be created with iManager


The error -606 is telling that the NSS admin object already exists for this server in the same context where we are trying to install OES2. In this case the NSS admin object had not been deleted when the server was removed from the tree.

Delete the NSS admin user from the context (this has the name servernameADMIN) then recreate it with the nssAdminInstall tool.

To create the NSS Admin user object type the following command:

nssAdminInstall -a <admin name> -p <admin password> -o <nss admin object name>

The -a is for specifying a user with admin rights. (e.g. admin.novell)
The -P is for specifying the password.
The -o is for specifying the nss admin object name. (e.g. servernameadmin.novell)

Once this is created you should be able to create pools and volumes with either iManager or NSSMU.

Additional Information

While the error messages maybe different, the symptoms will be the same if the NSS admin object has been accidentally deleted. The same command can be issued in this case to recreate the NSS admin user.